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  1. How dare you desecrate great art like that!!!!!! Neil
  2. No our comments are not identical. Look closer. Neil
  3. No, what makes the shot so great is who is in it. Neil
  4. This trailer was so fantastic, it deserves it's own thread. Words cannot describe what I'm feeling at this moment. What an awesome trailer. Just look at this amazing shot! In the history of cinema, there has never been a shot as great as that. Neil
  5. What he said. When I want to hear this score I play the original album. The complete thing is like eating all icing and no cake. Neil
  6. With company like that, I know I'm doing the right thing by staying away from this film. I just don't care anymore. For those that do go, I hope you enjoy it. Neil
  7. Oh I'm totally a geek and I'm looking forward to Star Trek. It has the potential to be the greatest movie ever made!!!! That's why I have that avatar. But trust me, it's not for geeky reasons. And I won't be going to see Watchmen just to see the new Star Trek trailer. Neil
  8. Which is why I'm going to avoid it. I'm sure that particular segment of filmgoer will eat up alive. I'm no longer the target demographic, and that's fine with me. Neil
  9. The trailer made it seem otherwise. And the running time just seems too much. I'm now getting a King Kong/Superman Returns vibe from this thing. Never a good sign for me. I hope people enjoy it, but I'll be staying far away. And as for the person who linked to RottenTomatoes, not the best idea. I took a look and the movie is at 76%, which is alright, but then I clicked on "Top Critics" and it wasn't too pretty. One out of six of them liked it but of course he writes for a Warners publication. Maybe that'll change by Friday, but right now, it's not so good. Neil
  10. I have no opinion on this one way or the other. I haven't read the graphic novel and I have no investment in any of it. It doesn't look like something I'd enjoy (nearly 3 hours of CG) but considering how beloved a property this is to its fans and how long it's taken to get made and the legal drama with Fox I guess I was hoping for it to be better liked. I will say that the review I posted commented on the advertising, specifically the "visionary director" line and that's been driving a buddy of mine nuts since the first trailer. Neil
  11. I just went to Intrada's page! It's Boys from Brazil!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it's Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Neil
  12. Another review. And before anyone says anything, these are the ones that have been coming in from my RSS feed. I'm not seeking these out and so far the two I have posted are the only two that I've seen. Neil
  13. "Looks like we have the first real flop of 2009." Neil
  14. That sand person cry was so funny. We laughed out loud at that in the theater. Neil
  15. Maybe it's a typo and he meant "Starcrash" and not "Star Wars". Moonraker vs. Starcrash? Now there's a real competition! Neil
  16. I really enjoy this album. Four stars! Neil
  17. Yet it's strangely more fun than actually listening to ROTS. Neil
  18. A thruster suit? That's Steef! Damn him! Bring him back here. No wait! Get a fix on his position. Neil
  19. I'm still not convinced it's any worse than dressing as Trip Tucker or Harry Kim or Captain Janeway. Oh no, it is. Those are recognizable mainstream characters. These other guys are made up for the books and you have to be super hardcore to know who they are. I was proud that I didn't know who Darth Nihilus was until the Stern show bit. Neil
  20. Nah, Star Wars has never reached the fantastic heights of Trek in terms of geekiness. Star Trek is really the epitome of geekiness in terms of entertainment, I can't think of one film/TV show/franchise that is more geeky. No, Star Wars has surpassed Star Trek. Just listen to . Dressing up as a character from the "Expanded Universe" is the bottom of the barrel.By the way, that clip may not be safe for work. It's a clip from the Howard Stern show. Neil
  21. That's the ad that aired during the Super Bowl. Neil
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