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  1. Who did the special effects then for the director's cut?

    Douglas Slocombe with John Dykstra as his assistant. Because Dykstra would ultimately go on to work for ILM, many think ILM did the effects, which they didn't.

    Douglas Trumbull and John Dykstra did the effects in 1979. Dykstra worked for ILM on Star Wars and then branched off to form his own company, Apogee, which did the effects on TMP.

    Foundation Imaging did the effects for The Director's Edition.


  2. The theatrical cut of Star Trek VI has never been issued on home video. Every release on video has included the "Colonel West" character and "Operation: Retrieve" as well as the discussion between Scotty, Spock and Valeris about the torpedoes. None of these scenes were in the theatrical version.

    The original cut of TMP doesn't interest me anymore.


  3. 4.5



    In comparison to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I assume. ;)

    There is no....hey, you set me up for that!

    Maybe it's residual burn out from last years onslaught of Indy stuff, but I was getting bored with the Raiders March last March when I saw Williams conduct it. I wasn't even into Raiders when I saw it last November with my sister back in NJ. All the hype and the new movie and then the box set have just left me with a less than great feeling about this movie and score. It's good, no doubt about that, but it's not Star Wars or Superman. Hearing them on XM the other night really drove home for me how much more I enjoy those scores as opposed to this one.


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