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  1. I've always wondered what he would have come up with for "Airplane!"....

    Didn't he write the opening of the film? :huh:


    Bloody tracked music!

    it's not tracked. It's an original recording.

    But yeah, Superman II is the biggie. I love Thorne's score (and had an opportunity to meet him!) but a fresh Williams score in the style of that first film could have been glorious.


  2. The main theme is possible stronger then Williams Superman one.

    I just don't see this. Goldsmith's theme is so campy it's grating.

    The movie is campy. There is no indication of that in Goldsmith's score though. It gets 4.5 stars from me.


  3. In the brief moment of switching the TV from game console to cable, I was able to hear a movie playing. Just music, and I went "This sounds like Horner." Then the picture came back and lo and behold it was Aliens.

    I love when stuff like that happens.

    Obviously it wasn't the dropship scene or when the queen emerges from the elevator.


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