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  1. I've tried that link too Neil, and it just reroutes to that site's main page. The designated On The Score feature on that site's missing it too. But I appreciate the effort, I really do.

    I know. You didn't think I would make getting it easy for you, did you?


  2. I haven't been blown away by Blu-ray. I bought the Bond discs because they were dirt cheap and yes they're nice, but not substantially better than the DVDs.

    Interesting topic, Steef. It's something I theorized in 2004 when the Star Wars DVDs came out. So many people remarked about the picture changes, but no one mentioned the sonic changes, which to me stood out even more than the revised shots.


  3. There is no point what so ever in converting an MP3 to Apple Lossless

    Steef's correct. If you want a lossless library (in whatever lossless format you choose) you have to start by ripping your CDs all over again. It's a big task, but in the end you can have your entire collection organized the way you want it in perfect quality.


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