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  1. 1982, with the "terrorist" line cut. So I guess it was the 1988 home video version. But no CGI and guns aplenty! Neil
  2. Give "Down With The Enterprise" (found here) a listen. Neil
  3. I haven't seen Schindler's List since 1994. I saw Jaws, ET and Star Wars (or a movie slightly resembling Star Wars) theatrically in 2007. I saw a print of Fiddler on the Roof last month. Last week I watched The Fury on DVD. Neil
  4. Hmmm, I close your unsubstantiated thread and then get compared to the world's greatest mass murderer. Interesting. And people say this is a thankless task. Learn some manners. Now in case anyone is paying attention, I'm not saying this isn't Giacchino. I wouldn't recognize Giacchino's pastiche style. I just seek confirmation, that's all. The rules clearly state to post sources (check out rules 8 and 9). No one has. That's why I closed and re-titled the other thread. Trekmovie.com hasn't listed a composer for this promo, and Anthony is on top of this stuff. So until then, I'm inclined
  5. I don't, as there isn't any indication that it's music by Giacchino. Neil
  6. You shee. You can tell by the crosh shectionsh. It rates a 4 for me. It's a lot of fun and has the most interesting variation of the main title. It's not great, but it's very good. Neil
  7. Yeah, it's a manual thing, that I'll probably update once a month. I can just look at the dates and see what's changed. I'm also keeping my back ups far away from the toilet. Neil
  8. I just bought a new 500 GB hard drive to back up my iTunes library. So my entire collection is now on two drives. I recommend this. Neil
  9. Well I suppose I could post this one, but the tag line isn't as applicable. Neil
  10. It's fine. Anyone who had read Jon Burlingame's piece on this music knew in advance it was being recorded in the event of bad weather. Neil
  11. Steef, check the "Album Artist" box on those files. Neil
  12. In my quick informal estimation, yes. It sounds the same to me. I don't feel like getting all analytical on this, but if they just ripped the CD to get the audio for this there shouldn't be any speed changes. Neil
  13. No, it's the recording of "The Raiders March" from "The Indiana Jones Trilogy" with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nic Raine. Neil
  14. Sorry, I already have plans to celebrate something else tomorrow. Neil
  15. Check under the sofa. Neil - who won't sleep in a sewer to celebrate this event
  16. You can tag all the misspelled files at once in iTunes. Neil
  17. Koray's comparison of the Superman albums isn't valid. He's missing a track from the FSM (damn those people who share things on the net!). Also, the Rhino included "Luthor's Luau" which has been moved to disc 8 of the FSM set and the Rhino includes the full "The Flying Sequence / Can You Read My Mind" twice (with and without spoken lyrics) which the FSM does not. That would all certainly account for the timing differences, especially Koray's missing track. What you gain with the FSM is more music and better quality. Neil
  18. Isn't the release date 03-06-09? Neil
  19. The Boys from Brazil was recorded overseas with a non-union orchestra. Next silly question. Neil
  20. Superman - The Movie cues orchestrated by Angela Morley: Opening Introduction New Opening Kryptonopolis The Krypton Quake To Earth Fortress of Solitude Song: Can You Read My Mind Rest in peace. Neil
  21. I went to Best Buy last week. I was given a gift card and I used it to get a Blu-ray disc of test patterns. I wound up spending $2.05, but that was money for the state of California. Neil
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