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  1. Yoda puppet, Empire and Jedi. His little flying go-cart in AOTC was priceless, with Ewen staring off into the middle distance as if trying to imagine Roger Rabbit. The duel at the end was more ridiculous than rousing -- like a scene out of Chucky -- and, what's worse, it didn't go anywhere. Kind of like the entire movie, actually. Then this happened, then this happened, then this happened... Just end the damn thing already!

  2. What's more shocking is that Crusade should be the one trailing behind the original, since it is far and away the weakest of the three. But it just goes to show what happens when kids are raised on films like Hook and Jurassic Park. They develop an unhealthy affection for warmed-over bombast and then can't appreciate superior craftsmanship when they encounter it. :evil:

  3. Once again, I find myself agreeing with a good many of fivetones' comments. In particular, I like Into the Trap, The Dark Side Beckons, and the coda to the sail barge fight (the only good part of that cue). And Luke and Leia puts the love theme from AOTC to shame, as far as genuine sincerity of expression is concerned. At least, that's how it feels to me. Of course, like the other Old Timers, I have lots of extramusical associations tied up with it. That's what happens when you get old (at 36). You start to associate music with the smell of vinyl with your grandparents' house with your friends or even some cloud formations you viewed on a particular day. Sometimes I really don't understand the function of nostalgia. It really serves no positive purpose.

    But I digress.

    I find it curious, tpigeon, that you would be moaning in another thread about the inclusion of Anything Goes on the Temple of Doom soundtrack, and yet you embrace an equally short (upon initial release) OST with a slapped together rehash for the fight at the sarlaac pit, AND the abominable "Lapti Nek," AND the atrociously Disneyesque Ewok celebration. This for me was the first in a string of (too) many disappointments where Williams' soundtracks are concerned. Although it has very good moments, the production as a whole just seems rushed. It's a fine score, but not a great score. Certainly not on a level with Star Wars or Empire, but well above the headache-inducing Phantom Menace and the undistinguished Attack of the Clones.

    IMHO, of course. :(

  4. Stop it, Joe! You're blowing my mind!

    Actually the hair I am referring to is on my head -- or should be, but it's really all over the place. Riding in the car with the windows down is a living hell, especially in this heat. However, it is pleasurable to catch a breeze in cooler weather.

    Figo, who thinks Joe should be considered for the role of Luthor should there be a Superman 5.

  5. All the Leone westerns are really excellent. One of my favorite bits in For a Few Dollars More is when Clint strikes the match on the back of Klaus Kinski's neck. There are simply too many great scenes in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to even mention, but the final showdown is definitely a highlight. Morricone's music is exceptional. In fact, quite possibly the most striking of his impressive career.

    One of the things I love about the spaghetti westerns is that all the actors basically play the same role in every film, even when they're not supposed to be the same character. Lee Van Cleef must have worn that outfit and played that part in at least half a dozen spaghetti westerns, not all of them directed by Leone. He dies in every one of them, only to turn up again in the next!

    Figo, who knows Morn's favorite western is really Quigley Down Under.

  6. I only just noticed Ratzenberger in the original when I saw it this past time! No matter who shot it, the moon stuff was pretty lame. The prison scenes also seemed more cartoonish the second time around. And the balloon. Aiee. The film just looks and feels different.

  7. Maybe they can piggyback the Oliver Stone scores and flesh them out with unreleased material. I would have never bought BOTFOJ new, not with the Boston Pops re-recording as a stopgap. The OST only contains something like 25 minutes of Williams' score. Fortunately, I found a copy second-hand.

    JFK is also padded out with way too much source music. If I wanted Mozart's Horn Concerto No. 2, I would want the whole thing. And I already have several recordings in my collection. It doesn't belong on Williams' soundtrack.

  8. In fact they can't be the same character, they can't, unless Obi-Wan undergoes a personality change on the same order as God did from the Old Testament to the New Testament.


    Sir Alec was one of the great actors of last century. Watching his performances in Oliver Twist, The Horse's Mouth, Bridge on the River Kwai, and yes, even Star Wars, I can't believe he is the same man -- nevermind the disparity between he and Ewen.

    I thought MacGregor did a fine job approximating Guinness's inflections in TPM. Overall, he seemed a little more at ease in AOTC. But no matter how many favorable notices he may receive for his non-Star Wars work, I think it impossible, at this stage of his career, he will ever attain the same level of greatness as his predecessor -- even if he harbors an equal level of contempt for the fans.

  9. I agree, too much "camp" in Superman II. Also, too many of the sets (and set-pieces) looked studio-ish. Who came up with that lunar module? You wouldn't have seen anything like that in the original. Well, except at the North Pole (complete with polar bear), but that stuff at least looked cool.

    Figo, who in '78 believed a man could fly.

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