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  1. Before I go to bed, I shall listen to one of my favorite goldsmith cues, The Enterprise, from TMP. Really good stuff.
  2. After a long abscence from this site I think I'm ready to get back into it. Pic is a bit dated, but not much. Good thread.
  3. Not sure if you guys heard of them, but they're amazing. They have a CD out called Director's cut, only movie stuff, played on Vienna horns and percussion. Really amazing. http://www.viennahorns.com/vienna-horns-home.php
  4. 8 years....wow. I guess I have been here a long time. Without posting for a while. Better late than never I guess. That being said, JG was definitely a top as far as movie scoring is concerned.
  5. I always have my Ipod to shuffle mode.When I don't recognize a track after about a minute I look at the title.When I have time I'll give this game a try,very good idea.
  6. Man,that is torture...They're coming to Canada,but far from where I am...Halifax...so I can't go since I'm working those days.That would be an awesome show.
  7. The OST version sure has a lot of drive to it for sure.Man the more I listen to it the more I think I might have to change my vote....Altough I really think the Utah performance is great,well balanced with a good blend.
  8. I also like the LSO very much for that great intro.But as far as tempo and clarity of recording I have to go with Utah.Not by much though.
  9. Unfortunately I think the era of CDs is pretty much over.with the availability of digital material it makes a CD a bit worthless.I sold almost my whole John williams CD collection but have all the music on my computer and Ipod...not the same but the music is.I hope you get what you're looking for,but I've kind of given up on CDs.
  10. Here you go,easy question. I know the OST version is not the same as the concert version,but I included it in the poll anyway. Vote away. My favorite is the Utah one...Although it's hard to resist the LSO version.
  11. This is indeed an absolutely fantastic piece...listening to it as we speak,comparig all versions I have.Has been a favorite of mine since I first heard it....about 29 years ago.Never left me.
  12. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of that compilation,seems like something that has been put together quickly.It's pretty much a freelance orchestra playing,eventhough the musicians are all pretty good. I much prefer as far as rerecording goes the Utah symphony contribution.
  13. No disapointment.I saw the original ones 20 some years ago.When you watch it today you can't really expect to feel the same things you did 25 years ago,we all grow up...well some of us.I thought it was a very good Indy movie,nothing more,nothing less.A quadrillion times better than all SW prequels combined. The score is good,tastefull and appropriate...just what you would expect from Williams.For me it worked for the movie,and the album is a very good listen,it'll come miles ahead ofat least the last 2 SW(Phantom was a very good sore). It was a great 2 hours of entertainment.It had everything the previous Indy movies had,lots of bugs. I don't really see what were people expecting from this film...man Harison Ford is 65...give him a break.It's an Indiana Jones movie,not Schindler's list.It probably won't win many oscars,but i really feel i got my money's worth.
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