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  1. We can only hope that Leonard Slatkin and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra will record JW's First Symphony together with the remaining concerti under the NAXOS label (come on get a move on with the Clarinet and Trumpet concertos)!!!!
  2. Personally I'd love if it was a Horner title not previously released on LP or CD....like "The Dresser" (1983), "The Stone Boy" (1984) or "I Love You To Death (1990)
  3. In years to come my quaint little television box will be this big
  4. The Irish will be next on the list: Chief O'Hara, Tommy & Nicole in Far & Away, Jenette Goldstein as the Irish immigrant mother in Titanic, Colin Farrell as the new Penguin...the list is endless....begorrah!
  5. Guess SKY don’t like the cornbread either! πŸ˜‹
  6. Got my discs this morning. I've never been happier
  7. There's as much chance of getting Kate Bush than there is of Barbara Broccoli hiring John Williams!
  8. He'll probably get The Buggles to re-unite for the theme song
  9. Such tragic news to hear this first thing this morning from Stefancos. So thanks Steef for that heartache. Today is the day that cinema has truly ended. Now is the time to die. Go back to playing your banjo, Zimmer!!!
  10. They send shit out to customers now? Do you know if it's top-grade shit as I'd love to get some? Alma's been on my house about trying to get good shit for her roses!
  11. Seriously yes...I actually yawned trying to get through your reply.
  12. It's the only Silvestri score I actually like and own. In my opinion I think it's his magnum opus. The movies would have been a great venture for James Horner had it not been for the severe difficulties he and Cameron had on Aliens.
  13. I'm not a drama critic. He tasks me and I shall have him. I...did...nothing. You are a nobody, my little green friend πŸ˜›
  14. I've been listening to quite a lot of British composer Joby Talbot lately and his Tide Harmonic score in particular. I have a very strong fondness for the last track "Confluence". It's very cinematic and would love to see it used in a piece of film some day.
  15. Roma (2018) written, edited, photographed (B&W) and directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Amazing cinematography and beautifully acted. A front-runner for Best Picture. It'll definitely bag the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Feature and nominations for cinematography, directing and screenplay. That wasn't my intention. It's really a very funny comedy. Indeed. It's a gorgeous movie and deserved all the Oscars heaped on it.
  16. I'm so looking forward to this release. Bravo LLL. One of JW's best scores and what a fabulous way to celebrate both CE3K's 40th anniversary but also JW's 85th birthday. I hope it'll say "Music composed & conducted by John Williams" on the front cover πŸ˜‰
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