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  1. Thank you very much. The cracked jewel case can be replaced, the damaged digipack not.
  2. Please can somebody give me information which european on-line shops are selling jewel case versions? I was told that all shops in UK are selling jewel case versions only but it is not true because for example Presto Music is selling digipack version! So it seems it is not that simple. Unfortunately the shops do not mention what version they are selling! Please help! Thank you very much for your advice in advance.
  3. Since C Major Entertainment has already released another John Williams' concert on DVD and BluRay it is possible! https://www.cmajor-entertainment.com/movie/a-john-williams-celebration-730308/ https://www.cmajor-entertainment.com/movie/a-john-williams-celebration-730404/ And they have the following two programs for licensing on their website: https://www.cmajor-entertainment.com/movie/la-opening-gala-2014-john-williams-celebration-9153/ https://www.cmajor-entertainment.com/movie/across-the-stars-anne-sophie-mutter-john-williams
  4. I hope they will release unlimited jewel case CD edition with bonus tracks "Markings" and "Remembrances" later
  5. According to Deutsche Grammophon Store the CD edition will be limited digipack! https://store.deutschegrammophon.com/ I hate digipacks, especially the limited ones. https://store.deutschegrammophon.com/p51-i0028947975533/anne-sophie-mutter-john-williams/across-the-stars-ltd-digipack-/index.html
  6. Superman: The Music (1978/etc) (2nd pressing) is already sold out. And all out of print titles in the list (except Black Sunday) are sold out too.
  7. Some anniversaries this year: 50th anniversary: The Reivers (1969) 45th anniversary: Conrack (1974) The Towering Inferno (1974) The Sugarland Express (1974) Earthquake (1974) 35th anniversary: The River (1984) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) 30th anniversary: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Born on the Fourth of July (1989) Always (1989) 20th anniversary: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) Angela's Ashes (1999) 15th anniversary: The Terminal (2004)
  8. Tickets for Leavesden Studios tour in the week from 22th to 31th October are already sold out! So how do you want to get there?
  9. 1) Approximately which days will you be in London for? (IE, "I'll be there from Tuesday the 23rd through Sunday the 28th") Our group of 5 Czech fans will probably arrive on Wednesday the 24th and leave on Saturday the 27th. 2) Are you also going to see Harry Potter 3 live at Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday the 24th? No. 3) Would you be interested in a group tour of Leavesden Studios on Thursday the 25th or Saurday the 27th? Which day would work better for you? Yes, we have already tried to buy tickets to Harry Potter tour but unfortunately it's already sold out
  10. I have analyzed the musical themes in The Force Awakens score and I have found following 20 new themes/motifs so far: Rey's Theme - actually there are FIVE different themes/motifs for Rey, which is really awesome! Kylo Ren's Theme - sinister fanfare first heard in "The Attack on Jakku Village" Kylo Ren's Secondary Theme - 8-note motif, the most prominent in "The Abduction" Poe Dameron's Theme - masterful (and my favourite) heroic theme first heard in "I Can Fly Anything" Finn's Action Theme - actually it is more likely Finn's a
  11. I've got the BBC documentary and it is really wonderful. One of the best and most interesting I've ever seen.
  12. As another European I would be very grateful for these iTunes tracks. Please PM me. Thanks a lot. E-Wan
  13. Please could somebody PM or e-mail me these previously unreleased tracks? I would be very grateful for them. Thank you very much. E-Wan e-wan@cswu.cz
  14. It is great. But the recording dates look strange in comparision with "Hyperspace in London" reports. If I catch it correctly the recording sessions started on February 3th (see report "Post Notes: The Score Begins - February 03, 2005") not February 2th. The recording date of "End Credits" differs the most. In reports they've said it was recorded on February 9th and here it is February 17th. Please could somebody shed light on it because it is real mystery for me. Thank you very much. E-Wan NP: Troy promo (Gabriel Yared)
  15. Please could somebody write me which John Williams' film music concerts were aired on television and when? Thanks a lot.
  16. Does anybody own DVD-Audio version of A.I. soundtrack? Please could you tell me something about the sound quality? Is it really Dolby Surround 5.1? I have naturally already got CD version of it but I'm very disappointed by the hollow and flat sound which is IMHO destroying wonderful Williams' music Does DVD-Audio really sound much better than CD? And what about SACD version of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial? Thanks a lot for any piece of information. E-Wan - who loves rich and deep sound and hates flat and hollow sound
  17. Please tell me more information about these concerts. Thanks. E-Wan
  18. Have you got it on DVD or VHS? I've got this documentary only as a very low-quality Video-CD from Miquel. It's so wonderful that I want it in better quality playable in full screen resolution Is it that German MDR concert from Miquel or is it something else? Is it on DVD, VHS or AVI, MPEG,...etc? Thanks for info. Yes. I know that. I have ordered this DVD two weeks ago and I'm still waiting for it :? E-Wan - who loves documentaries and film music concerts
  19. I'd like to see some documentaries or videorecording of film music concerts on DVD or VHS (PAL only). I'm especially interested in everything connected with John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Ennio Morricone and Bernard Herrmann. Does anybody here have such DVDs or VHS recordings in very good quality? Or have you friend who has it? I'm going to trade something in return or pay for it. Please let me know! E-Wan e-wan@cswu.cz
  20. Good friend of mine is selling original Warner's CD The Witches of Eastwick with card signed by John Williams!!! Everything is in very good condition. He have also original cassette Raiders of the Lost Ark for sale. If anyone is interested please contact me and make an offer e-wan@cswu.cz I will manage the trade instead of my friend because he is abroad for a long time. Only Euros or British pounds are accepted! E-Wan
  21. Rebecca - Franz Waxman King of Kings - Miklos Rozsa Flesh + Blood (Prometheus CD Club) - Basil Poledouris The Last Samurai - Hans Zimmer The Robe (Varese CD Club) - Alfred Newman Unfortunatelly no John Williams's score was released this year
  22. Congratulations, Wael! I wish you all the best in your film composer career
  23. I would be also very grateful for the link when I can download it. Unfortunatelly I wasn't able to listen to it on-line because of my slow connection E-Wan e-wan@cswu.cz
  24. I envy you that you have opportunity to watch John Williams' concert on TV. Unfortunatelly in your country we have no film music concerts and no TV stations bradcasting them So I would be very very grateful for every videorecording of any John Williams' film music concert on CD-R (AVI, MPEG, DAT or MOV) or PAL VHS!! If you can help me with that please let me know. My e-mail is: e-wan@cswu.cz Thank you so much. E-Wan
  25. I'm looking for some analysis of the musical themes from Close Encounters, E.T., Jurassic Park, A.I. and Minority Report. Is something like this available? I would be also very grateful for the list of all themes from these five Spielberg's films. Thanks a lot. E-Wan
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