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  1. No, according to Filmtracks, John Williams's "ego has become too inflated --perhaps due to his enormous worldwide success." So it's a fact that he's not humble.
  2. Is it OK for a piece of film music to be growery? Or is it incumbent upon the composer to strive for a more immediate impact, especially if he's writing for mainstream fare?
  3. What is it that makes this score so growery? And are there any JW scores that people find shrinkery?
  4. You don't like reading about the California man caught screwing a Marxist oboe?
  5. If you know your #1 "runner up," don't you have to know your top 5?
  6. All I know is that @John Takis and @Jim Ware are definitely the same person.
  7. All the Joseph Campbell stuff notwithstanding, for me it is just a (mostly) fun film series with really good music. The way my enthusiasm for the series has tapered off with time suggests that its hold on me is not especially deep.
  8. Was not aware of this word's secondary definition. From ephemeral to antediluvian I continue to learn more vocabulary from John Williams interviews than I do anywhere else!
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