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  1. Happy to announce our first two guests; Heather McIntosh (Z for Zachariah, The Quarry, The L Word: Generation Q) and Holly Amber Church known as the Scream Queen Of Scoring. Check out Holly's film Dark Light on Netflix or Open 24 Hours and Ruin Me, which area streaming on Shudder. Tickets available, email me to secure a seat peter@fansoffilmmusic.com. Masks and proof of vaccines mandatory. Saturday Oct. 2nd from 10am to noon. 1hr 15min panel discussion followed by an autograph signing with the guests. https://www.fansoffilmmusic.com
  2. CELEBRATING WOMEN COMPOSERS! Tickets now available for Fans Of Film Music 12! This year we're celebrating talented women composers. Saturday Oct. 2nd from 10AM to Noon at the Silent Zoo Studios formerly The Bridge Recording in Glendale, CA. 1hr 15min panel discussion followed by a 45minute autograph signing with the guests. We'll also have a special 11x14 print made so everyone can get that signed as well. Holly Amber Church will attend and we'll be announcing our 2nd of 5 guests tomorrow 9/1/21 at 10AM PST. For tickets please email me peter@fansoffilmmusic.com to secure a seat. Seats are always gone prior to the event so we expect all seats gone this year especially since we are only opening it to 40 people instead of the normal 65. Masks and proof of vaccination is required to attend. Questions shoot me an email.
  3. And to start a label isn't so easy. Bobby T is no longer interested in releasing soundtracks to films. Most of the people he dealt with are not involved in such things plus the studios are either back logged or they want a LOT of money. There is a lot more involved in running/starting a label other than contacting a studio and trying to license a title. Shipping, manufacturing, royalties, employee(s), supplies, art design, and so much more. Bobby has no desire to do this anymore and wants to keep doing those intimate albums. And Bryon is correct, if you see a title up digitally saying VARESE, they have it and that's that. I do hope Bobby keeps releasing those intimate albums of 2 musicians as they are a great listen. Though he probably should tweak his language now saying in his bio..."been averaging one new album release a week for the last thirty years." That is not factually correct anymore and hasn't been for almost a year. Had lunch with him a few months back, he's doing good, has some ideas of albums in the future that I think many will enjoy. I can't say what they are, but....we all love Jarre...
  4. "Christmas With A Capital C" Composed by Edwin Wendler Limited to 500 Copies Order now to receive a personalized CD Order ($14.95): https://tinyurl.com/y7jprlv5 It's the Holidays so where's all the new Christmas themed score releases? Howlin Wolf Records has you covered! Head over to the product page for GORGEOUS audio samples! BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL OFFER !!! (Personalized CD + Autographed Sheet Music) For the first time a soundtrack label will offer a personalized CD booklet with your name on it! If you order before Tuesday November 28th at midnight (PST) you will receive an extra booklet personalized with your name on it! ALSO, 10 random customers who buy this CD before Tuesday November 28th at midnight will also receive a signed sheet music page from the composer. With all the great releases our favorite labels are giving us this time of year, there is one thing missing ... a Christmas themed album full of sleigh bells, memorable themes and great old school film score writing that we all miss so very much. Edwin was asked to write a melodic score that tugs at the heart strings and was given an orchestra and not just any orchestra, The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Along with this great orchestra, Edwin also composed two new GORGEOUS and moving songs that were performed by the Illumni Men's Chorale in Seattle. TRACKLIST - (AUDIO SAMPLES ON WEBSITE) 1. Journey to Trapper Falls (2:21) 2. Rivals (1:55) 3. My Country (1:44) 4. Cody and Sienna (1:37) 5. Expressions (2:13) 6. Test Race (1:18) 7. Meetings (3:01) 8. Nativity (4:40) 9. Taking Action (2:14) 10. Cookies Delivery (3:33) 11. Investigating Mitch (3:22) 12. See the Person (1:50) 13. Christmas Cup (1:33) 14. Angel Makayla (3:03) 15. Gifts and Statues (5:30) BONUS TRACKS: 16. Joyful Hope (2:53) 17. Journey to Trapper Falls (Alternate, Demo) (1:54) 18. Sleep, Sweet Babe (from Winter Medley) (2:37) BLACK FRIDAY OFFER!! PERSONALIZED CD cover - a first for a soundtrack label ! AUTOGRAPHED sheet Music from the score (LIMITED) ! All of this for a low price of $14.95 + shipping ! ORDER: https://tinyurl.com/y7jprlv5 Expected to ship the week of Dec. 11-15th
  5. Welcome Junkie XL Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL to FFM6! Tom scored MAD MAX this year along with BLACK MASS and will be joining forces with Hans Zimmer as they tackle BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE! Tickets still available, we have 15 seats left and then that's it. RSVP through me, peter@fansoffilmmusic.com. More info on our site - www.fansoffilmmusic.com.
  6. Welcome Harry Gregson-Williams to Fans Of Film Music 6! Tickets still available, please contact me at peter@fansoffilmmusic.com. We sell out EVERY YEAR so please don't delay! More info here www.fansoffilmmusic.com.
  7. Mychael and Jeff will be meeting fans at my annual Fans Of Film Music event, December 6th in Glendale, CA. More info can be found www.fansoffilmmusic.com. They will also be signing goodies for their fans!
  8. Fans Of Film Music 6 IS happening! A little late in the year, but we have put together another great event. December 6th at The Bridge Recording-same location as last year! 10AM-Noon RSVP to me, peter@fansoffilmmusic.com. We sell out every year and since we are less than 3 weeks away, please email me ASAP to secure a seat. COMPOSER ANNOUNCEMENTS! Welcome Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL! He just scored MAD MAX and will tackle BATMAN V Superman with Zimmer! Welcome HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS who scored Ridley Scott's latest film, THE MARTIAN! Welcome Roque BaƱos who just scored Ron Howard's IN THE HEART OF THE SEA! Welcome MYCHAEL DANNA & JEFF DANNA who just scored Disney's THE GOOD DINOSAUR! www.fansoffilmmusic.com for more info!
  9. Watch the entire two panels on youtube! Thanks BIMVID for streaming this! www.bimvid.com Did you miss this years Fans of Film Music 5? Watch it here on Youtube!Panel One Panel Two MANY thanks to BIMVID for streaming this for all the fans throughout the world!
  10. More raffled items donated by the great Hummie Mann and boy are these babies RARE! We will have three each of these to raffle off at FFM5 this Saturday!
  11. Harry Manfredini ADDED to our OPEN TO THE PUBLIC composer signing! Online orders WILL happen, stay tuned to www.creaturefeatures.com
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