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  1. I am talking about the concert in London 23 May a part of his world tour performing lord of the rings symphony. I am also wondering how does music sounds great on sonudtracks which he was conducting.maybe they recorded several times until it was good?I dont understand that.maybe he was having a bad day then,but I doubt. when I was last year in concert of jerry goldsmith with LSO, I didnt even for moment ask myself -is this man conduct ,communicate with orchestra good?is he a fair conductor?I just sit I enjoy the concert. here I couldn't do that.I was keep looking at him and his performance.I could not concentrate good on music,because of him. maybe If I wouldn't keep looking at him and I would just relax and listen to the music,maybe the concert would be better.I dont know. I play in two orchestras and I know what conductor should be like. those who read,write reviews of his concerts,sure they tell you it's good,perfect. what else would they say?
  2. hi just come back from london where was concert lord of ther rings with howard shore. I was expecting more of this concert. the choir was very good and orchestra was good to, but the conductor howard shore was bad. this guy does not know how to conduct. the orchestra lead him insted shore leading the orchestra. it was looking like one caricatur from muppet show dancing on the stage.I could not belive it. I am positive that concert would be so much better if someone else would conduct. the conductor should communicate with orhestra,show a more energy in the playing.at the end of first round he didn't even turn infront of audience.he just rush off the stage,like he was emberesing. for guy who wrote music for LORT I would expect more. what about his previously concerts? was there the same story? lucky you guys in america because some of the concert will not be conduct by howard shore.I can tell you,you dont have to be disappointed.believe me you dont want to see him on a stage infront of the orchestra I will have to came back in london in 2005 to see John Williams in action conducting LSO. that will be a concert I cant wait l
  3. hi one of my friends can't come to the concert so I have one extra ticket concert is sold out if anyone is interested please mail me thanks
  4. hi Yes I got the two tickets on the balcony When I tell my friends in the wind orchestra where I was going 9 more are comming to see the show.I was lucky to get them tickets at boxes/annexes.it will be fine as long as they are there to hear this orchestra. well we will see you there bye
  5. hy I was trying to buy two tickets for this concert but it is almost sold out.4 months before all tickets are gone.how is that possible ??? the only available seats are in area boxes/annexe has anybody already been at any concerts in this hall? is from boxes/annexe visable all stage or not? thank you very much for any information
  6. The London Philharmonic Orchestra performs the Lord of the Rings Symphony at the Royal Festival Hall Sun 23 May 2004 at 3 pm Howard Shore conductor Please tell me if anybody have more inforrmation on that concert will there be a choir,singers as they will be in concert in antwerpen-belgium In my opinion this concert will be better as the one in antwerpen since it will be performed by original orchestra that was performing music in all the LOTR soundtracks. What do you think?
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