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  1. Probably screenings of their most important movies, accompanied by lectures and/or an interview and/or a panel discussion. And/or a recital by pianist Simone Pedroni who has John's blessing.
  2. Most probably, yes. The music edit is what I heard on radio. And the pictures resemble those referenced to by the radio host.
  3. The cuts and jumps in both the Superman March and in Raiders March were - at least in my opinion - rather annoying. I assume that those were added in order to save time. Also, I was not surprised to see Itzhak Perlman. Perlman was the soloist in today's symphony concert, so why shouldn't he perform the night before? In the end, it was an American show. What is being sold as "surprise" and "spontaneous", is nothing but a meticulously choreographed show.
  4. This could indicate that these two pieces will be published as part of the JW Signature Series "soon".
  5. Nope, at Tanglewood. No "Across the Stars" in Berlin. And no ASM on stage in Berlin.
  6. No, it is not. It is a concertante performance with singers/actors. The orchestra will perform John's orchestrations instead of the original ones.
  7. It seems that JW has written a new concerto: "Percussive Planet". The premiere (?) will be at Berlin's prestigious open-air venue "Waldbühne", just a few steps off the Olympic Stadium, on June 26, 2021. The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra will be conducted by Wayne Marshall; soloist: Martin Grubinger. https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concert/53181
  8. This piece, minus the "Jaws" segment, will be performed in Austria on June 27, 2020: https://www.grafenegg.com/en/programm-tickets/once-upon-a-time-in-america?set_language=en
  9. https://fox2now.com/2019/09/24/john-williams-co-conducting-special-st-louis-symphony-orchestra-performance/
  10. I know who scribbled the STAR WARS theme onto the sheet. 😉
  11. The concerts on November 3 and 4 have been cancelled. http://www.salzburg24.at/john-williams-sagt-konzerte-mit-wiener-philharmonikern-ab/apa-1445098118
  12. I attended John's concert with the San Diego Symphony on February 10, 2007. The SDS is a great orchestra.
  13. I am happy to announce the latest collaboration between the London Symphony Orchestra, the European FilmPhilharmonic Institute and conductor Frank Strobel: "Tribute to Steven Spielberg" December 10, 2017 @ Philharmonie de Paris, France London Symphony Orchestra Frank Strobel, conductor Repertoire to include excerpts from BACK TO THE FUTURE by Alan Silvestri BRIDGE OF SPIES by Thomas Newman INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE by John Williams JAWS by John Williams JURASSIC PARK III by Don Davis POLTERGEIST by Jerry Goldsmith SUPER 8 by Michael Giacchino THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN by John Williams THE BFG by John Williams and other works https://philharmoniedeparis.fr/en/activity/concert-avec-images/17859-hommage-steven-spielberg
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