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  1. A minature is the exact same thing except a much smaller size.
  2. I asked my friend if it was close encountersish and he said it was pretty straight forward john williams = i will try and find out more. it was a sandy decresent session
  3. I talked with one of my friends who played violin on the sessions for WOTW, says its a great soundtrack.
  4. hey all, haven't posted in a while been busy. I love the new soundtrack - I hope to get some time to listen to it more this week. I must say i expected this one to stink based upon the leaks and reviews, and the theme. But it has really grown on me (the theme) and it really has some cool stuff on it. I am very happy I waited to get the CD to listen to this!
  5. The strings sound like poop in this last star wars album. They are so deep in the mix.
  6. cool - but get rid of the violas - at 1 chair to both violins and vc violas dont really play out in recordings unless there are at least 5 of them (sad but true)
  7. Sometimes out here in LA we use weird sections to simulate full sections. Like why use a String quartet when you can use four cellos? Next month i will be working on something where we are using 8VC and 14 VN and 3CB - rather then making some ghetto attempt at a weak string section. You must change your writing slightly but it is wise to do this kind of stuff when u cannot get a full section. Remember to not write many divisis
  8. i finally listened to this CD: i think its awesome!! fragmentary at parts but great at parts. Not a great mix (sts sound like shit) but the trombones and low brass are all over this stuff (incredible playing)
  9. I cant believe he doesnt have a star. Everytime I am over on Hollywood Blvd - i look them over just to be sure. Also missing a star for billy joel, yet ms britney spears has One????? Garbage. (even I like some brit songs)
  10. Williams is the best, Mancini was the most famous.
  11. I have never heard of a composer getting more money then three million for a film: Don davis - matrix 3 and Elfman - Hulk. I think John might only get 1.5 ish,but I am sure he gets a great back end deal with cd sales.
  12. That is the kind of answer (made even when i was joking) that makes me think about what in the hell Giacchino may have done to you. Your disrespect towards him looks almost personal. MG has lots of ghost writers.
  13. Tru, yes not so much the members here, but the occasional people who register and then leave us a great pile of BS. If you want to hear John Williams criticized go to any good music university, the people at Eastman were the worst!! People cannot except a man as talented as JW decided to compose for film and not the concert world.
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