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  1. Thanks to everyone for the links and converted files! It was great to listen to the piece again. In case anyone besides me has a complex about needing album artwork for everything in their iTunes library, I thought I'd share my rapidly-designed "cover": (Photo credit: H. Darr Beiser, USA Today)
  2. Miguel -- THANKS SO MUCH! Not exactly what I was looking for, but weird enough that it'll do. And no no, I'm in no way trying to 'modernize' Jaws or lacking respect for the original! I was just looking for something 'funky' for a Halloween Mix for my boyfriend. rsp3studio -- Nice that someone here is willing to do remixes of Williams on demand! But sorry man, I'm not THAT serious about finding a remix! Nor, as a poor college student, do I have the funds necessary. But I agree with the others that I'd love to hear the takes on E.T. and Potter! As for the topic of remixes of film scores in general, I find them to be rather hit-or-miss depending. I've personally got dance remixes from The Incredibles, Requiem for a Dream, Brokeback Mountain, The Ring, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Some are more successful than the others, and I know lots more exist, everything from the aforementioned Duel of the Fates to The Skeleton Key (?!?). A very odd sub-genre to be sure.
  3. Short and sweet: just wondering whether anyone knows of a techno remix / electronica / techno version of the 'theme from Jaws' exists? My boyfriend's trying to assemble a Halloween mix-disc and I wasn't able to find many Williams-remixes. Blasphemy that they may be.
  4. It's about a water nymph. And there are also some wolves involved. That's about all I know But this is, without a doubt, my most anticipated score of the summer
  5. Random question, but can anyone tell me if the Kingdom 4-disc set comes with a booklet of any kind in the front pocket? My friend got an advance copy to review a month or so back and we've been debating ever since whether a purchased copy would come with a booklet or not (as his did not).
  6. Me too! I'd love to hear this year's suite again! I totally forgot to tape it! :oops: While I definetely think "Memoirs" should've won the score oscar, I thought that the rendition of Brokeback's "The Wings" in the Pearlman suite was the most gorgeous version of it I'd ever heard.
  7. Then why vote "no"? If Williams had scored GOF you wouldn't have Doyle's. So I voted "yes" 'cause I think Memoirs is excellent, and in the process we got TWO great scores.
  8. I haven't seen the film (it didn't play near me), but I've listened to the score a few times. Won my copy fer free from Soundtrack.net! Sadly, overall, I think it's very forgettable. I enjoyed Chocolat and The Legend of Bagger Vance, but found 'Twist' to be rather bland underscore for most of the album. Maybe I just kept zoning out more than usual and missed all the interesting parts. :? -Matt
  9. Not that there doesn't seem to be huge backlash against this comp, but I just thought I'd let everyone know: If any other suckers, like me, exist out there who HAVEN'T picked up the Revenge of the Sith score, my local Target had the 3-discs-packaged-together edition on sale for a measly $9 yesterday!! Needless to say, I DO now own it. But seriously! The score, the dvd, and the corellian compilation disc all for nine bucks! Can't beat that.
  10. It's "letterboxed" widescreen, in effect, but not shrunk as the screen is much much larger than normal movie screens. I'm going to see the IMAX showing near me right now, actually, and I prefer it not so much for the larger screen, but for the 12,000 watts of wondrous digital surround-sound
  11. HA! That's kinda fun, in a JW-goes-clubbing sorta way. 8O Any idea where a full recording can be found? Although I agree, the original is better.
  12. Just for clarification's sake, No, Narnia is definetely NOT a made-for-tv production this time around. -Matt
  13. Sorry to get everyone's hopes up that Jason's done with his rip by bumping this back to the top ... just wanted to post another comp of a front and back covers for an HP3 complete score disc set that I did ... I was gonna do more, but back covers are just SO time consuming, that at this point in time without a "confirmed" actual tracklisting it's too time-consuming to make something only to have to change it again ... Anyways, here's my #2 "Quidditch" covers. Feedback appreciated! (and I couldn't find anything in the board rules about image sizes for posts, so hope these are ok!) -Matt
  14. I wasn't aware that this score got a release ... or even a promo ... where'd you find music from it? -Matt
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