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  1. Great Interview! I only wish it had been longer, maybe Williams will do more things like that in the coming weeks. this has nothing to do with my comment, I just like it
  2. Thank you so much! I'm not familiar with the Iron Will score, so I would have NEVER gotten it. You rule!
  3. Hi All- At the Star Wars Celebration in Indy last week there was about 7 minutes of exclusive footage shown, but not with the Williams score. They used the Van Helsing score, but for a couple of miutes, about 30 seconds into the piece I think it goes to something else. Am I wrong? Is it all Van Helsing and Im just daft? If Im not, could anyone help me identify that bit? Heres a link to a really crappy audio recording of the music. http://www.solid-roc.com/C3.mp3 If this has been asked about already Im sorry, 'cause I haven't been on the board for a while. Thanks in any case!
  4. So sad :cry: Although he?s gone, it?s still comforting to know that his work can forever be enjoyed by his fans and I?m sure gain new admirers as time goes on. He will be greatly missed.
  5. Puuleese!! :roll: Star Wars!
  6. Hi All- Over all I'd have to go with Batman Returns. But I am partial to many of the themes over the years. The MFADT collections are great, Nightbreed and Beetlejuice are also awesome. I find myself not totally digging the newer work, like Big Fish. It didn't have the same 'Elfman feeling' for me, for some reason.
  7. I LOVE the Simpsons. I love it so much I even have one of them tattooed on me. That being said, I'm still open to the opinions of those who don't like it (even though you are wrong) I agree that most of the best eps, the real classics, have already been done in earlier seasons, but even this season has had some pretty good gags in it. Including the opening that I think Morn was refering to (from the couch to the universe to homers brain and back to the couch?) Even at it's lower points (those eps that maybe weren't quite up to pare) The Simpsons still is, was and always will be funnier, more topical and better written than most of what is on TV. Best - show - ever!! -Becky
  8. I had to go with the 'Homer' vote. Everytime I've seen Williams music described that way in an article, it always struck me as a negative remark.
  9. As lovely as Fawke's is, I had to go with Harry's Wondrous World.
  10. Do they not have proof readers for this sort of thing? :? Weird and unprofessional.
  11. Let me preface this by saying that I am a Spielberg Junkie, I'm fairly easy to please when it comes to his work. Although there are 1 or 2 flicks form the early days I haven't seen yet. 1. Schindler's List **** Excellent, not my favorite though. I have to be in a certian mood to watch it. 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark **** One of the best movies ever, I've seen it many, many times. 3. Jaws **** see comments on #2 4. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial **** How can you not love ET? 5. Jurassic Park **** 6. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade *** Awesome, but not Raiders 7. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom *** Again, really cool, but not Raiders 8. Minority Report *** Different I think, I liked it very much 9. Empire of the Sun *** I've always thought this was a bit underrated. 10. Saving Private Ryan *** Very good tension in the final scenes, I need to see it agian though (haven't since the theater) 11. Close Encounters of the Third Kind *** 12. Catch Me If You Can *** Liked the whole feel of it, and one of my favorite Williams scores of recent years. 13. Amistad *** 14. Lost World: Jurassic Park, The *** 15. The Color Purple *** 16. Hook **1/2 Are we allowed half ratings? 17. Artificial Intelligence: AI ** I'm still sort of undecided on this one. 18. Duel ** 19. Always ** 20. 1941 Haven't seen yet 21. The Sugarland Express - Haven't seen it yet, unfortunatly -Becky
  12. Empire of the Sun has some of my favorite moments in it. I've always loved 'Imaginary Air Battle'.
  13. Hi All- Just to add my two cents- I don't hate Shore. In fact, for me anyway, I was never too into his scores in the past and think that his work on the LOTR trilogy is exceptionally good. They made me like his work more than before. And while Williams, Goldsmith and others have lost in the past to whatever film was most popular that year, I really do think Shore deserved the awards. -Becky
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