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  1. But come where I live and you will be...hehehhe The natives had a name when the Westerners came to this part of the world 1800's.....foreigners were called FERENGI !!!! (Yes, Gene Roddenberry was a well read man)
  2. Now Iam ok with my 1 copy. Plus I have the Mondo Vinyl ! -Now that's a beaut!
  3. I have a good feeling that a reissue is finally coming through. Its my shark instinct telling me.
  4. Mine also shipped. I guess foreign orders get priority or is it?
  5. I was just thinking about it after hearing the Horner tribute concert performance a few days ago. Where is this expansion -perhpas Intrada if not Varese?
  6. Could this be in the next Varese batch-If the exisiting album OST is complete then it could easily fall in the 'reissue' categories hinted by Matessino. Mike would clean and remaster this pretty well. So lets see.
  7. Would be nice to see if its indeed Williams' PRESUMED INNOCENT -remastered and expanded. I never got the original cd so this would be welcomed in anycase.
  8. Their VIENNA set was only Stereo but I’m hoping to get the Multi Channel sound mix on this SACD. That would be cool. I’ll probably still get it.
  9. Thanks- although the Blu ray music disc is pretty good on its own.... but I will look it up.
  10. I wish. But the sad reality is multi track masters lie in Rome, Italy with the company who produced the film. They have shown no interest in relinquishing the license to any of the labels. So all the expansion rumblings are rumors really.
  11. You mean like taking candy from a kid?! Its a ridiculous presumption on your part. We all have choices. Most won’t bother to buy knowing it’s going to sell out. And realize when it’s too late. At least I don’t plan to sell them for abnormal price like most people do these days. These extra copies of my top ten favorite scores are for my consumption and I paid for them. My money, my cd. Go figure.
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