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  1. Can anyone shed some light on my query? Please.
  2. Yeah BRAINSTORM would be awesome but its pretty much inevitable DEATH BECOMES HER.
  3. Was the standalone Concorde releases issued as jewel case packaging. I saw some titles on eBay. As far as I can tell these came out as digipacks. Even the box set had these in the same format. Kindly please confirm. Anyone? Thanks.
  4. Death Becomes Her and Horner's BRAINSTORM woyld be perfect. And only this past week we lost its cast member. I cant remember her name...
  5. InnerSpace really put LLL on my radar back then. A new reissue with the Ost arrangement + songs would be nice. Same with EXPLORERS but thats Intrada.
  6. I once played RUBY CAIRO (John Barry) in the office. At the the end of the cassette run my boss said to me “ I don’t know what you were playing..but I LIKED IT”. John Barry always works with the regular folk
  7. He came to the screening as Friedkin wanted him to score the film. But the conversation went down hill. Friedkin: I want you to write a better score than CITIZEN KANE. Herrmann: ..Then you should have made a Better film than CITIZEN KANE... Film Score Monthly covered this story in a very vivid article. I'll post the link to the download later in the day.
  8. I hope we get more footage of my city Karachi.
  9. Herrmann would have made it work no matter what. Imagine what THE EXORCIST would have turned out like had he actually scored it.
  10. I agree it appears to be very luminiscent. The review of the disc in 4k is someting else. Goldsmith's score is something else on this surround mix I hear.
  11. Mostly what transpires between Matessino and Richardson is soley on what goes in and what goes out via notes made by Williams. Honestly, I'd love to be fly on the wall but it would be actually a very cringe worthy moment for some of us... if we heard everything.
  12. 'Sound The Bells ' was composed in honor of wedding of the Royal Japanese Couple. So given the opportunity Williams could be up for a commision. Maybe we can have the same guy who asked Williams about scoring a Bond film upto it?
  13. [ In HOLLOW MAN] When Kevin Bacon attacks the woman in her room and we cut to Elizabeth Sue driving her car; the music is charged and violent. But Goldsmith keeps on scoring it despite the fact the scene has changed while the audience doesnt need to see whats ongoing but they feel the whole terrifying thing musicaly. That is pure genius.
  14. It turned out differently but I was aiming for exactly what I clarified.
  15. Yes, ofcourse the labels can. What I meant is that the general understanding now is that every new John Williams expanded project will only be supervised by Matessino himself. Which is exactly whats been hapenning ever since Quartet Records did their TOM SAWYER set which was the last time some one else did the mastering/expansion etc.
  16. It would be awesome if its HOLLOW MAN. With LLL's Goldsmith at Fox Vol 5 2CD set just released and HOLLOW MAN would be just terrific. And Intrada also a Goldsmith lined up so who knows...?
  17. If its remastered then it must be Matessino. Only he is allowed to revisit (JW) remasters. Thats the new law here.
  18. New Varese Club Title this Friday Sept 16th Just announced via Facebook : Back in business. New CD Club title announcement coming this Friday, alongside the first ever CD Club merch item. Get excited.
  19. I think the scoring is in the simialr dramatic family style and period as that of CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. I eagerly look forward to it. Spielberg was reportedly moved to tears with the music that Williams played out for him on the piano.
  20. I think that’s India. Tuk Tuk is known as Rickshaw’s here. There is even a cow so it is definitely India.
  21. The Vienna & Berlin photography and sound were Outstanding ! Even the Dudamel Conducted concert pales in comparasion.
  22. My prefered version is the one conducted by Erich Kunzel on the Cincinnati Pops recording which is the reading of the films 'Main Title' on the compilation album: Salute To The Great Movie Scores Of Steven Spielberg
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