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  1. I kinda felt it was a Theme for John Williams himself than Obi Wan. Both are Old, wise and have seen so much. I think it goes both ways if you look at it.
  2. Actually the timing of the new WILLOW series would be an excellent opportunity to revisit the original film release on a 4K restoration and remastered/ reissue of the soundtrack expanded ofcourse would be perfect !!!
  3. I just saw that at the International Website : Product expected to ship by June 1st, 2022.
  4. I was actually thinking the same but I think Williams prefer to choose the most commercially viable/ successful film scores in the concert hall these days. He may not have fond memories of that one owing to the dismal performance of that film and from that tragic time. But This is something that Keith Lockhart could resurrect with the Boston Pops. Wasn't he planning a follow up album to his previous Williams album?
  5. Has anyone bought from the UK site received any shipping notice?
  6. I love this post ET/ Raiders/Temple of Doom period when he was doing Amazing Stories, Olympics, Liberty Fanfare.The score is vintage Williams in his 80s mode full of invention and optimism.
  7. Didnt Williams donate all his scores to a Univerity a while back?
  8. Thats what I like about Williams as that he takes the main theme from any of his films and recreates them for the classical concert setting whilst making it more elegant and worthy of the concert reportire. Its one of the reasons why his music survies the movies and goes beyond that limitation. It begets a new life in the concert world. This is some thing I noticed early in the 2000s when almost every film he did thereon had a major performance of theme which was designed not just for the album but for the concert hall.
  9. These title will probably span over these most likely labels like LLL, Intrada and Quartet. But let's enjoy the current releases till those start arriving.
  10. I remember praying that he be able to finish the prequel trilogy....
  11. The Big Non Williams title announcement could nearly crash this website and others for sure!! It will be as if the seas have parted..... I have a very good guess. But I won't say it.
  12. We will probably have another batch announcement on June 1st from LLL I Suppose? There just might be another one or two around the corner from them . I wonder if it will be SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET or AMISTAD ?
  13. Anyways, I just finished watching the movie which I started watching a few days ago. Another great Willams score closed and vaulted for posterity.
  14. Yes, Once I heard that another was coming in the podcast.I just waited to see which label it would be and suddenly Varese made the announcement and PI immediately came to mind because of the Perpetuity rights . The clue was the final and obvious clue to me.
  15. They Just used a basic concept. Any thing else would have been more specific and too easy.
  16. But come where I live and you will be...hehehhe The natives had a name when the Westerners came to this part of the world 1800's.....foreigners were called FERENGI !!!! (Yes, Gene Roddenberry was a well read man)
  17. Now Iam ok with my 1 copy. Plus I have the Mondo Vinyl ! -Now that's a beaut!
  18. I have a good feeling that a reissue is finally coming through. Its my shark instinct telling me.
  19. Mine also shipped. I guess foreign orders get priority or is it?
  20. I was just thinking about it after hearing the Horner tribute concert performance a few days ago. Where is this expansion -perhpas Intrada if not Varese?
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