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  1. My copy has just took off from Intrada and it should be 2 more weeks before it arrives. And by that time the latest Williams restoration coming from Intrada would have been ordered too!
  2. I find them long lasting as compared go the 2CDsets which often break up from the hinges.
  3. I love this re-recording. The brass is pretty good in most places. Thanks for the reminder need to crank out these Varese recordings on my new amplifier.
  4. Intrada always declares my order around $20.So no issues there.. I recently requested Varese to put my LIONHEART under $20 but awesome distro said since it was an automated process they couldnt accomodate. However when the mail came today the value declared was $1 on the parcel +16 shipping charge. So I had nothing to pay.The real slip was inside the cardboard packaging. Sweet..
  5. Finally my copy is here. First time via International Varese. Great packaging!!
  6. There are so many Horner titles to choose from SNEAKERS, GLORY, FIELD OF DREAMS and ofcourse THE PERFECT STORM. But lets see, if any of the above were to happen I would be very happy! Id love to see if INNERSPACE gets a redux with the OST programe as a bonus plus the songs with new revised artwork!
  7. The Goldsmith could probably be from their 20th Century Fox series but I'm curious about the Williams title. That would be the 2nd Williams release in August (The other being from Intrada)
  8. I finally heard my copy past week.it’s terrific sound wise.
  9. MV has confirmed on FSM that the stock has arrived and shipping is now imminent. https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=144544&forumID=1&archive=0&pageID=1&r=582#bottom
  10. Finally, these 2 rare Kritzerland sets. The Friedhofer's was a tough catch.
  11. Coming from Mondo! Superman: The Movie soundtrack on vinyl, which will be released on Friday, July 23, at 11AM Central Time, and will cost $35. It will be available in a splattered, limited edition of 1978 and a non-limited black edition. There’s all-new artwork by DKNG and, of course, John Williams’ unforgettable score. https://mondoshop.com/pages/comic-con Information and pics courtesy Jim Bowers.
  12. This score is a wonderful gift to us Herrmann afficandos. The score is like a lost score and now discovered.
  13. I’m not sure but I think MV Gerhard is looking to bring this back in print as he may have answered to a question at the FSM Board.
  14. Probably also on a Facebook discussion where Matessino was chatting too. I usually ask Matessino or any one else before I go public about information. They are certain details that always kept from public and I would never reveal those from past or present. So yes, I had his approval to disclose these details but only after the release of the album which means that I had this information much before the official release date (probably at LLLs flier Timeline)
  15. I think ‘Desert Chase’ was always planned by Williams to be the edited version here. He make a specific mention of this in the old Making of RAIDERS Book... So Bouzereau probable lost a Battle because he was trying to get more stuff in.
  16. What I’m saying It’s been discussed here before and at the FSM board a long time ago. Things like these are also often discussed in the podcasts so I don’t see the private aspect here. Eg. We have been told that Sugarland Express was also prepared and ready to go and then it got cancelled by Williams etc. We are trying to talk about a 2 seconds here. You can check with him too if you want to verify further it’s been a so long now. He would have to consult his notes etc.
  17. Wild claim ? Excuse me. This is NOT a wild claim. Its a known old Little fact that has been discussed before. This is very the first thing I asked Matessino when the new set came out and I noticed the opening harp sweetener was missing and he informed me that he had to sadly nix it due to Williams request. Don’t you remember this well enough given your new enclycopediac knowledge. And it’s under 5seconds and but those 2-5seconds still sound like 10 second to me because I love the way the harp blossomed with the fire ball.
  18. Another example of Williams intervening and removing a cue from the mix prepared by Matessino was on EMPIRE OF THE SUN. The film version of the cue 'Cadillac of the Sky' had a near 10 second harp glissando insert in the opening of the track which Williams specifically asked to be removed from Mike's assembly and the original version sans insert be used. It's the only thing that sometimes makes me cringe because it would have been perfect for this already fantastic release. I suppose this was the time when Matessino was just forging his relationship with Williams and h
  19. While for some completist it’s solid win if they have gotten the set.I’m sure they will get a replacement later on. Must be an embarrassing situation for the label. If they can somehow obtain the license clearance and include these as a hidden Easter eggs or something then it would certainly prompt a number of completist fans like myself to get another copy. ...but ofcourse it’s not gonna happen.
  20. Yes, I just noticed on the SOMEWHERE IN TIME Tracklist that Chet Swiatkowski was also the pianist on ' Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini'
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