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  1. Sales Exention by 1 more week! & ALIEN 3 back in Stock! Just recieved email flyer from La La Land Records: BY POPULAR DEMAND - EXTENDED FOR ONE MORE WEEK!!! SALE GOOD THRU 4/27/21 - IT WILL NOT BE EXTENDED FURTHER 25% OFF SITE-WIDE SPRING SALE ON NOW at www.lalalandrecords.com TAKE 25% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. The discount will be applied at final checkout. This special applies to ALL in-stock titles EXCEPT our recent releases of THE TIME TUNNEL VOL 1., FRIDAY THE 13th PART VIII: JASON TAKES MANHATTAN, and the purchase of e-Gift Certificates.
  2. Yay! my copy just arrived super fast from Quartet along with 3 other goodies...
  3. Yes Thor. This is a must have. Better to have this which is an improvement over the previous release. And if you prefer re-recordings then the Tadlow album would be sufficient.
  4. Quartet Records and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer present the remastered reissue of the wonderful, memorable music composed by Miklós Rózsa for Billy Wilder´s classic THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, this time in a 2-CD set with extra material. Wilder’s unique take on the world’s greatest consulting detective was meant to explore previously dark corners of Homes’ life—including his addiction to cocaine and his troubled relationships with women. Last-minute studio jitters forced Wilder to make massive cuts, shortening the running time from 210 to 125 minutes. The resulting film, in spite
  5. Indiana Jones and the Lost Sword of the Samurai. I like this title that I just made up. I'll bet it got your head spinning with JW music possibilities...😉
  6. Check out the Suite on Varese RSNO re-recording series album called: The Towering Inferno and Other Disaster Classics which has the piece you have in question.
  7. I was just mentioning this on the Intrada thread. Williams and Elfman is what's lined up (next) as per Roger's itinery. And don't forget LLLs incoming line up. I can tell you that May will be an expensive month.
  8. So I suppose Elfman and Williams are going to be the next in line after the new 2CD Kamen set comes out. Looks like May will be an expensive month ie. If you also add La La Land's great lineup. 😉
  9. The RAIDERS discussion is important enough to have its own thread. Can these posts be relocated (or replicated) to an existing Raiders thread in case anyone wants to refer them again?
  10. I think so, the previous pressings I bought Williams in Vienna Live Edition SACD is genuine and another Williams Boston Pops album is definitely good quality..
  11. These just arrived from Japan. I'm just a bit tad concerned about the By Request cover- the print seems to be bit mediocre quality like a scanned copy (in comparison to the Philips release which is brighter and gold embossed) . I just hope it's not a CDR? I The other one is an SHM CD which is fine. I was wondering before opening these...
  12. I just noticed that Universal Japan Music is now stocking some of the previously released BOSTON POPS recording albums on their Decca label front via amazon Japan. I have been meaning to collect some of the titles that were missing in my collection such as SWING, SWING SWING, THE AISLE SEAT, OUT OF THIS WORLD, POPS ALA RUSSE and AMERICA THE DREAM GOES ON as well as POPS IN SPACE, SALUTE TO HOLLYWOOD and another new compilation called THE BEST SELCECTION (which I already have with me now has a better upfront sound ) Iam planning to upgrade to BY REQUEST THE BEST OF JOHN
  13. Yeah, Url is posted now but text was already posted in bold.
  14. New Varese Club cds around the corner : On their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/190580891134204/posts/1649945278531084/ Get excited. We're announcing two new CD Club titles this Friday. Hints coming later in the week, let's see if you'll be able to crack them this time.
  15. If that opening from Last Crusade 'Young Indys First Adventure' had been added in the program then it would have been a big welcome sigh from me.
  16. I vaguely remember Lockhart was considering it but the ongoing certainly messed up the plans.
  17. I agree. Best Performances on these 2 are albums so far although I haven't listened to the Vienna concert fully as yet. But I agree Escapades seems a bit redundant at this point.
  18. I was just playing MASADA Intrada 2CD set yesterday. I then played some tracks from the rerecording and the March like Concert piece he recorded from his concert album on Goldsmith Conducts Goldsmith. - I love that recording!
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