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  1. Update from Doug at his Intrada page:




    New for this coming week are two pretty big releases, both expanded and remastered editions of great James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith albums. The Land Before Time includes both major cues Horner dropped from the original MCA release, totaling 15 minutes of new music. The Last Castle offers the complete score plus alternates, and remains one of my Goldsmith favorites: military all the way, Malcolm McNab’s solo trumpet in the spotlight. Artwork, contents and sound samples should be posted here early in the week.

  2. Intrada's Roger Figelson did indicate recently that they were in touch with Disney over the rights for Horner's Willow (which is stuck in arppovals etc) but in another related issue he pointed that Disney was still trying to figure out with the Lucasfilm heriatge and what they could do (infering to the Young Indy series music) so I assume if Disney is getting to start work on this new Willow series it just might pave way to get them to do the Horner project first! 

  3. 2 hours ago, crocodile said:

    It wasn't as bad as Minority Report or, worse yet, A.I., but it was definitely quite dull sounding.



    AI.3CD had a fantastic quality upgrade which even left my DTS HD DVD-A behind. I think the WOTW recording has a wet sound. So, many of the dissonance and lower register instrruments were blended into each other. So this new edition appears to have more clarity (as far as I can tell from the samples)

  4. 26 minutes ago, BrotherSound said:

    Sharp eye! Nah, I just moved over for the photo while I was ripping disc one.


    A few notes:


    @crumbs was right! Every version of ‘Reunion in Boston’ is here. In the main program, ‘Defeat and Reunion’ uses the C-major version (following the original introduction, as intended) and ‘Boston Street Finale’ is the Horn and Piano version. The OST has complete original 6M3 cue (‘The Separation of the Family’) and the film version that combines several different versions (‘The Reunion’). In the alternates section, ‘Boston Street Finale (Alternate No. 1)’ is 6M3 Alt, and ‘Boston Street Finale (Alternate No. 2)’ is 6M3 New. So all six versions are accounted for, but mercifully split up to avoid too much monotony.


    The alternate ‘Prologue and Opening Montage’ has all the same synth material (1M2 Film Prologue), but includes some parts that were written but later removed for the version of the orchestral overlay (1M2 Prologue Orch.) used for the final version. For instance, the strings enter right from the beginning of the cue.


    ‘Before the Escape’ is indeed, as suspected, 2M4 CD Intro presented on its on.


    The alternate ‘Epilogue’ appears to be just an alternate take, as far as I can tell. No significant differences in composition are jumping out at me so far.

    And compared to the OST issue this edition 'sounds' superior and more clearer?

  5. One thing that has always bothered me in these sci fi alien invasion films is that the technology the aliens represent is so advanced and angular physically; yet the bloody the aliens themselves are so physically handicapped limited to the imagination of their creators that just boggles the mind. Just a few cents here while trying not to suspend the illusion. Although I'd admit in this film at least the tripod and the aliens themselves have a certain resemblance.



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