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  1. 34 minutes ago, bollemanneke said:

    Listening to the Blu-Ray again. What suddenly strikes me is how amazing this orchestra sounds (not how well they play). They really need to record more JW, after preparing that is.

    Yes, it would be even nicer if Williams used them for a film project. I asked this question to MOVIE WEEKLY(Australia) contest which would ask Williams in an interview. And yes, I won the set as a result of my posed question. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Brundlefly said:

    War of the Worlds was the most exciting Intrada release since Alien (or maybe since Damnation Alley and Peter Proud).


    For me definitely most exciting since the expanded THE MUMMY came about. To get the whole thing remastered including the OST for WAR OF THE WORLDS was the big highlight of 2020 for me.


  3. 13 hours ago, Jay said:


    I’ve never seen anyone who has the sheets use them to figure out what’s in each OST track or what’s in the film where and since I can’t read music myself there isn’t much I can do

    Im baffled by your response. Im simply asking about the comparasion charts between the OST and the recorded cues like the other scores in this thread so I can see whats missing/unreleased.


    Anyways, I found the appropriate post which had the cue listings. Somebody should put up the excel sheet at least. 


    Mondo has just announced that SUPERMAN THE MOVIE OST reissue on Vinyl for this year.




    ...and a reissue of John Williams' 1978 masterwork SUPERMAN, with more hopefully arriving later in the year. 


    I was kinda hoping that LLL would have issued theIr program as 3XLP. But thankfully the above appears to be a reissue of the same Williams OST programe (I think they will be using Mike Matessino's revised upgraded remaster of the OST as used by LLL)

  5. 50 minutes ago, bruce marshall said:

    You bought the LP and the CD?!😳


    It's kinda sad that ninety percent of most purchases are from older scores- many repurchases.

    I know Thor acquires many contemporary scores, but most of us , I include myself, are into retreads.😞


    Thats fine with me. Most of the new stuff doesnt really come to the level what these were able to accomplish. Stuff that I didnt pay attention earlier now have gotten the regal treatment and to say the least rediscovering them is such a delight and a treat.


    TOTAL RECALL is one of my favourite adrenline charged scores from Goldsmith;  the purchase of the Vinyl is totaly from a nostalgic  point of view and to enjoy the artwork whereas the 2nd CD is a repurchase for both the new artwork and because my previous cds are getting worn out with scratches! -I have played this a lot.;)



  6. here is another: but only the previous program [sans the live edition] 


    A Blu Ray AUDIO version.

    2.0 DTS-HD MA 24bit / 96kHz

    5.1 DTS-HD MA 24bit / 96kHz

    Dolby Atmos




    The specs indicate that 5.1  mix is 96kHz instead of 24bit/48kHz on the regular Blu rays.


    (This is just the Blu ray Audio with no video.)


  7. 13 hours ago, Brundlefly said:

    Hey Intrada, what about The Boys from Brazil? That one has been OOP for a much longer time now.


    My bet is that Inchon is a stripped down 1 CD release without the OST.

    I think its probably a newly restored and remastered multi disc set from better quality tapes or possibly redone from scratch. The original recording had some sound issues. Intrada probably figured out a way to present it again. If it was the same pressing they would have announced it as a reprint. 


    Anyways Im curious. 

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