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  1. I ordered this along with Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. But God knows when these will arrive! (Awaiting these already: Legends of the Fall, Shogun, The Swarm, Far and Away, Thin Red Line...)
  2. There was a thread at FSM where Mike Matessino did a basic 101 on remastering and FAQs on the whole Technical thing on tapes and multi tracks etc. Quite informative. But some one will have to find that thread.
  3. Ok. Just a thought. Since Matessino is officialy incharge of Williams expansions. I'm sure when the time comes for the Prequel trilogy and the sequels he will be given access to them. Disney only worked on the OST album of the Trilogy. I'm sure in a few years (if not sooner) they will be thinking of doing their version of the expanded Trilogy scores too and thats when I hope Matessino will jump in the opportunity and snag in the Original trilogy lot as well. (Hopefully Shawn Murphy and team will be too tired to redig the material again, if we count the Vinyl project and the demasters)
  4. So is this going to be 2CD or everything will fit on 1 single cd? The OST is around 37 minutes.
  5. Chris Malone and I find that the STAR WARS SE edition sounded the best and most accurate in terms of the mix. As Jeff Bond pointed you could almost see the resins come off the cello during the 'The Throne Room/End Title' track.
  6. Finally. A whole Concert conducted by Williams on DVD ! This ought to break the ice for the US folks and get some previously recorded concerts of his out on dvd!
  7. "So ...You have accepted the truth.." - Darth Vader This just shows everything they have in good condition.They just messed up the mixes here and there.
  8. Yep. My copies of THE SWARM and FAR AND AWAY still stand awaiting in LA USPS.
  9. Is La La Land going to announce any titles anytime soon for this month?
  10. Disney isnt just responsible for Demasters cds here. Apparently, they have screwed up the 4k restoration of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK movie as well. A NEW HOPE was exclusively handled by Lucasfilm core teams and is being considered the best edition so far. (Dont know about Jedi though) So Disney needs to learn all of this.
  11. Look a few posts above! There is approximately 20 minutes of unreleased cues and add to it various alternates that could be included. A 2CD set would suffice with an average 50 minutes per disc. (There is no point in having a remastered OST as disc 2 plus it wont fit)
  12. Im sure he does..each time!
  13. This along with WOTW, Munich and Episode III was a great year for Williams in 2005. I was hoping that he would have won another Oscar on this one. The recipie was perfect and solos with both Perlman and Yo Yo Ma were truly first class. Infact, when Williams undertook this project I had instinctively hoped that Yo Yo Ma would return to collaborate on this one. So I was very thrilled to hear that he was coming back and that Perlman also joined in. Wonderfull collabortion over all. Anyone else saw Williams reaction when the winner was announced to Broke Back Mountain ? I think he was
  14. The other sites usually have the those new titles on order immediately after the labels announce the. But then they have to wait for at least 1-2 weeks before they arrive in stock. I find that LLL has to start catering to its client base first and lately because of the low volumes from the plant.
  15. Jay said that Star Wars: A New Hope is the only overall better sounding in the demaster lot.
  16. I have no clue on those details but I suppose the demasters did use the same quality as evident? Infact its one of the better sounding demasters. Since that OST demaster was a 'reconstruct' Most likely the actual album masters were used entirely or in part? Who knows?.
  17. No Need. Better quality tapes did resurface for JEDI and Matessino did confirm to me years ago. So nothing is lost here. Matessino is a wunderkind for restorations and once the day comes it will be mind blowing. Lets keep some optimisim here. The 5th Disc was abandoned because Lucasfilm started working on the Special Editions and it was decided to redo the soundtracks as complete definite editions led by Nick Redman.
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