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  1. So right. We became die hard fans of the previous scores because we saw the films on VHS and DVD to the point we absorbed the film score. This 'gestation' time period is so important for us to develop and embrace what we have first. Bring the expansion a decade later. We will be ready by then. It will be fun and exciting the way JURASSIC PARK, HARRY POTTER, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, JAWS became for us.
  2. Ok good then. But I'am now thinking the intentional way the whole Finale is crafted or 'edited' is probably how Williams is seeing this now as a closure of this entire 9 film saga in the same way Wagners's Ring cycle did. The intrusion of the Main Title Fanfare in between sort of implies musically how he is now closing the saga with the very same iconic bars that started it and now ending it. Thoughts?
  3. I still feel the Finale / End Title is basically devised for the album. The Shazam listing referred to it as The Album Finale-So I think this edit is just unique to the OST the way 'Mischief Managed' was for the AZKABAN OST album.We just have to wait till Friday and listen to the finale in the movie to figure it out and also once the CD back scan is properly revealed. However, i could be wrong entirely...
  4. Both of these are the new stand alone set pieces. I love the way Rise of Skywalker ends-reminds me of the way he used to end his themes back in the 80's.
  5. I suppose The Finale is special re arrangement for the album and the film End Titles will be shorter?
  6. At its time SW: ANH was considered the best restoration of the score when it came out. But that was 1997. As Matessino has already indicated in the DISASTERS podcast that there has been great improvement in the tools and technology since then thus my conclusion is the chances of further upgrading and improving the sound quality would be expected with more than marginal results if not stunning. I still enjoy the RCA Special Edition set because it has the right punch that I would expect from an Eric Tomlinson mix. Its the most audiophile demo disc from the series . Was also listenin
  7. Are we there yet? Are we there yet ?..................................
  8. Yes, its most likely a reissue of the previous 12 cd catalogue housed as a 1 set. I have 4 missing albums from that so Id love to get this set and hey the price is quoted as around € 30 so it would be a bargain!
  9. Its already posted on Amazon.com both UK & German websites. There is already a discussion on FSM on this with the links. Vocallion Dutton is at this point only doing the Quadraphonic sourced tapes releases at this point for multi channel SACD and they have only done 5. I expect they would do 1 more title but I really wish if they could do the entire 12-13 albums. And I'd love to have these Gerhardt STAR WARS albums in the SACD format someday.
  10. Nice but is this the surround sound version or the RCA RED SEAL mix which was in proper stereo? (Yes I have these RCA cds already) It would be nice if these get remastered and reissued. Apparently the Classic Film Score Series conducted by Charles Gerhardt is getting a 12 CD box set issue in March next year. Sony previously reissued the full stereo versions(sans surround mix) in 2010.
  11. Didnt the fan sites/ Forums have a leak scan of the cd for THE LAST JEDI last time? So I'am surprised they dont have it as yet.
  12. Anyone been watching the World Premiere live right now? Havent spotted John Williams as yet but they might be playing the OST in the background.... I think I heard The Anthem of Evil or some ostinato driven rhythmic march. Definitely playing Williams there...
  13. I think the recent AI from LLL is going to be re valued very high since it sold out. Solid expansion album, Ill have to say.
  14. As long as it is in the box with extra bubble wrap its fine But even when I asked to put extra bubbles on it avoid any transit breakage etc. My SUPERMAN II/III probably irked the customs dept here in my city and they even opened the seal to see inside the set much to my disappointment. Luckly my HP box set was fine because I had it shipped to my US address instead of my home country.
  15. 1975 The Eiger Sanction1984 The River1989 Born On The Fourth Of July1989 Always1992 Far And Away I suppose we may see these titles steadily released over the next 2 years. and JFK. I suppose after The Towering inferno this may be next in the line because both these 2 titles were slated for a possible release a few years ago via LLL (as indicated by MV on FSM forum). But JFK kept getting postponed probably because the LLL team had other big titles in progress (CE3K, Superman, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park) and also because of the multiple studio licenses involved. So hoping for JFK no
  16. Williams has done around 135 minutes of the music for this film and we have only heard 50. Which means that around 85 minutes of more music we haven't heard as yet. Around 25 minutes will be added in the OST album.
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