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  1. WOW! On the other side of the world I wake up and lo behold! Just barely skimmed through the cues at the expense of spoilers in the midst of them all. A musical motif and development made some unexpected revelations which I wont say here but damn! Somebody at the FYC Academy is going to get the brunt of it all. The Youtube video is still on until some one looks into it. My first impression matches what most of the folks have said. It retains the new edgy dark writings from the new installments. Every cue is interesting but I'am going to reserve my feeling
  2. SUPERGIRL -My first favourite Goldsmith score because of its sentimental values. Its romantic, has terrific action cues and is dramatic.
  3. I emailed Neil and he added: I did re-edit the film score for disc 1, using the film as a guide. This results in some cues having slightly different performances than what's been previously available on the OST and other reissues. When you're releasing a score for the 3rd time in 15 years it make sense to do things a little differently than they've been done in the past to justify the new release. I hope people enjoy this new album.
  4. I'am pretty satisfied with the Intrada version because it retained the Eric Tomlinson mixes (after the disappointing SACD from Varese). I'am such a enormous fan of Tomlinson. He makes you feel the orchestra and the instruments. His panning of the stereo allocation is also very good.Since this is an upgrade using a high resolution transfer and I usually fork up for such reissues; but I'am not sure if need to do this again if the end result is a marginal improvement.While the Jerry Goldsmith completest demon inside me is raging a battle and asking are you crazy? LOL We will see who wins....(sig
  5. Another one is a Maurice Jarre title called Pildora X also posted on Amazon Spain.
  6. The only other 70's Williams Title missing in my collection after this set is THE EIGER SANCTION. Any one remember that?
  7. If they can bring back Palpatine, they can make Mace Windu comeback as well. That would be too cool. 😅
  8. I've never heard EARTHQUAKE or POSEIDON apart from the main themes on compilation cd, so Iam ready for these. Sold my FSM copy of TOWERING INFERNO 10 years ago because some confused guy at SAE told me that a new remastered set was coming. It wasn't. It was the POSEIDON. So anyways glad to nab it this time remastered et all.
  9. I think the album was planned as a 2LP set with almost the entire score or near to it. I think Mattesino's presentation on disc 1 is following that program, but we cant be too sure. I will have to read the booklet again and listen to it again as well.CE3K is in my top 5 Williams list.
  10. I still have the original release on Vinyl. One of my favorite Williams!
  11. Doug Adams just posted this. Spielberg visiting on the last session. https://twitter.com/DougAdamsMusic/status/1197698140989775872
  12. I have the A.I. DVD-Audio set. Its decent for its time. The LLL expansion of course blows it away.I also have the DVD-A formats of Korngold's THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD and LOTR expanded editions.
  13. The La La Land Records expansion was just a warm up. We haven't seen nothing yet !
  14. John Barrys THE DEEP got reissued? I have the Intrada release. This looks like the OST version with a few new tracks. Intradas release is both the OST and the entire Barry score (in mono)
  15. And the new releases are:.. @Holko beat my post by a few seconds...LOL!
  16. Latest update from Doug Fake on his Intrada Blog page: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/sc.13/category.60330/.f 11/4/2019 As most folks are aware, California has seen the fiery wrath of Mother Nature quite a bit lately. Thing are still ablaze in places but improvements in the weather have mercifully aided firefighting efforts. Activity at our end has been slowed due to power outages but people here are safe and things are getting back on track. I’ve just finished editing and mastering a major Disney title and the resulting 2-CD release will be one of our early release
  17. You have some of the essentials. Now you should try to get the following rerecordings: 1)The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 2) The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, 3) The Trouble with Harry, 4) The Bride Wore Black, 5) The Kentuckian. Also the following compilation albums are a must have: 1) CITIZEN KANE: Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann (Cond. By Charles Gerhardt) 2) Bernard Herrmann Film Scores: Cond. By Esa Pekka Salonen 3) All the Decca London Phase Four recordings conducted by Herrmann. Get these and your
  18. After Williams Im obsessed about Herrmann. Tell me which scores you already have and I'll recommend you some nice ones to get.
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