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  1. I have the above editions except IVANHOE. I had hoped that they would have issued a remastered edition like they did for the RIO CONCHOS and ISLANDS IN THE STREAM recordings. Still might get it next...
  2. After their shipping and mailing diabacle they probably needed to recover from that last batch. I HOPE AIRFORCE ONE and other titles that Robert Townson was pursuing are eventually released in these batches.
  3. In an interview from NPR Anna mentioned that she would love to do second volume with new pieces including Superman. I hope she meant the Love Theme and not the main title March. Also I'd love to see Leaving Home cue from SUPERMAN in a similar set up.
  4. Over the years, Williams has treated film music with utmost care so as to make it more respectable in the Concert hall. Since the start of the millennium he has invoked special concert versions of the main themes of most scores. The main themes in the OST albums are written and structured that way and it's pure Williams genius as well as his embodiment of the craft that he has developed over the decades to optimise the life of his musical creations. So it's no surprise that since past few years he has been revisiting many of his themes including forgotten ones and reclaimed them ba
  5. The Donnybrook Fair has an altogether different energy and nuance to it. Much different from its original rendering by Itzhak Perlman. I loved it.
  6. You all enjoys this. I'll be waiting for the Deluxe Edition which comes out next month. I feel this album will be a commercial success and if it's a big hit I certainly hope for a 2nd volume someday soon. A new rendering of Leaving Home from SUPERMAN would be something? Wouldn't it? "Martha Clark Kent are you listening to what Iam saying..."
  7. Seriously? No. Not if you have two toddlers around you, long office hours, business travels and a gym routine. You tend to pile up your newest acquisitions until you find the right time to open up your cds as well as occasionally revisit other cds from your collection. Don't make presumptuous. It's tough when you have little time and a blazing passion for your music and a Life.
  8. Yes I just opened my AI set a few weeks ago, the discs are fine but the cover booklet is slightly smudged. Can I still get a new copy of the booklet only-Its OOP now?
  9. Williams confirms at Tanglewood that total music for RISE is 140 minutes. https://www.masslive.com/entertainment/2019/08/john-williams-professes-love-of-tanglewood-at-film-night-drops-star-wars-spoiler.html?fbclid=IwAR2Qn-EVBvDKug-9PoSGLoqIVYqu76mRRsyPKqSObxR5vnsdd_6eRQLO6SM
  10. I understand. But when I select a title that I want to hear, (And that depends on the mood) I need to catch up with the all the internet forum hype and furor over a specific release just to familiarise myself and and then dive into the score. Did the same with AI last week, re-read all the QA with Jay and Matessino and then the discussions- it was fun and got me back in the listening mojo.
  11. I had my copy of Harry Potter set on 1st Jan this year and I only got around to playing it until last last week! And I've yet to play Chamber of Secrets. But I just opened my set of AI and have been playing this non stop. So many releases and so little time. But it's fun. Got about 50-60 more releases to get to. All sealed up in my CD cabinet.
  12. My janitor, he was last seen with your Nanny 30 years ago? Have you seen him them both?
  13. GOOD NEWS! Back in stock at LA LA LAND RECORDS. Just got an email flyer from LLL. https://lalalandrecords.com/superman-the-movie-40th-anniv-remastered-limited-edition-3-cd-set/
  14. To date Iam only familiar with the original Planet of the Apes film and score. Never got around to see the remaining sequels(even though I have the movies on my blu ray book set) So Iam intrigued about the other titles on the score set. I have only recently been taken over (say enamored) by Rosenmans music specially for ROBOCOP 2, so I look forward to hearing his score.
  15. New Gerhardt SACDs to my existing collection in the Series CAPTAIN BLOOD & SPELLBOUND.
  16. I think it's my holy grail: Disney's ONE OF OUR DINOSAUR'S IS MISSING (Ron Goodwin). One of the most requested titles from the guys. It's also the first thing I asked Lukas Kendall when I met at the FSM office during the FSM Label days.
  17. New title on August 27th. Update from Doug: 8/17/2019: Vacations are wrapping up for the time being. When Kay returns for duty this coming week, the whole team should be on hand… at least for another week or two! Our next new CD release is scheduled for August 27. There are a number of additional releases approaching the finish line but these days studio staffing remains pretty busy and final approvals tend to move a lot slower than they did in “the old days”. I’m doing double duty, on one hand wrapping up another 1970’s Disney world premiere and on the other hand study
  18. Young Indys First Adventure from LAST CRUSADE and the JFK Suite. Themes from A. I. Artificial Intelligence and the revised Han Solo and The Princess from EMPIRE.
  19. Finally, I opened my sealed copy of this magnificent 3CD set. I know Iam late, had the set since ages but never found the right kind of moment to enjoy the score untill I forced myself at 11pm last night. Wow what a journey. Gorgeous and breadthtaking. The sound is so improved here. The notes mention that it was also recorded at UCLA's Royce Hall. I suppose the Barbara Bonney vocals were recorded there as well as 'David's Arrival' cue. The sound is so vibrant in these recordings that it reminded me of the Williams Spielberg III recording (Alas that album never recorded the AI Themes)
  20. I skipped the whole customs, heavy shipping price tag and had it (my POTA set ie) shipped directly to my New York address at my aunts house. Someone visiting will bring this to me in coming month or weeks.
  21. Better yet one who could watch the movies by himself while I had to grow up and wait.... 😂
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