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  1. You deliberately didn't mention any Williams in the possibility of the titles. Why?
  2. Shucks and this holds my order too but maybe I’ll request them to change or swap LIONHEART with some other title @Intrada.
  3. I still haven't opened mine either. Including the 2CD SACD edition. The problem is my amplifier broke down 6 months ago and I haven't had a chance to play any of my newly bought cds yet. There are 80+ of them. Very soon my new Amp will be here and that's when I'm gonna blast these on for massive premiere party. I ll have trouble which stuff to play first but it's definitely going to be John Williams.
  4. Yes it was definitely 70s. Oh well, I I'll try to figure it out myself. Thanks.
  5. Thanks @Thor ! I was just thinking of this ad trying to remember that it had a piano and then you posted it, I still have this in somewhere.Do you remember which issue of NAT GEOGRAPHIC this was ? When I became aware of John Williams after my soundtrack to Superman; this was the first time I knew how he looked like!!
  6. I'd welcome Elfman's Sommersby. Another unusual but warm Elfman score. That would be great to have.
  7. An extensive Update from Doug Fake Celebrating this fantastic new release : 5/3/2021 http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/sc.13/category.60330/.f "Our spectacular re-recording of Rio Conchos has been in the film music market since 1989. The so-called target audience is most likely familiar with it by this point. Perhaps there are other listeners not yet on board and maybe this new presentation will bring them under the fold. I refer to it as spectacular because at the time, the concept of recreating earlier film scores was still a relatively new concept. Engaging the composer of the score a
  8. RIO CONCHOS is one my favourite Intrada rerecordings! Already have the previous 2 pressings and the latter was very pleasing in both quality and remastering. So I really need to be persuaded if this is indeed worthy of a triple dip if the remastering of the remastering is significantly improved here.
  9. My predictions: LLL Memoirs of a Geisha or Amistad or Hook Varese Presumed Innocent Intrada Stepmom or Seven Years in Tibet
  10. Speaking of Knights ..has this one crossed anyones mind as yet? Picture is oddly similar to the clue posted. and its the 20th Anniversary of the said film this year..
  11. Yes, now I remember this. I loved the extra slambang coda after the first coda. I always thought it was cool. The brass is very good on this one. I suppose the same members of the orchestra from the actual soundtrack sessions was here again.
  12. This is one of the first compilations I had on tape. Can you send me a link with pls!
  13. Im saving these top essentials for my time capsule in case of WWIII.
  14. Ha! that's nothing I have about 13 titles stuck in my aunts house in NY since the start of the Pandemic over a year ago!! She was to bring them over on a visit(save me a ton of shipping charges) These include the DISASTER Williams set, The River, , Thin Red Line, Shogun, Legends of the Fall and 3 more that I can't remember... Oh... Also Duplicate purchases of: The SWARM, CE3K, Superman, ST:TMP, Far and Away
  15. Another program from existing archives is coming as well. Boston Pops In Love Pops Classic from the Archives MAY 13 Thursday, 12:00 PM Featured Performers Keith Lockhart - conductor Available May 13 - June 12 As springtime flowers bloom across New England, we present to you an encore broadcast of our beautiful and romantic Pops in Love concert! This unique program includes spirited classics such as Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Overture-Fantasy a
  16. Was this news part of the Robert Folk interview on Erik Woods online show or just an announcement on the above link?
  17. Here is the full regular Zaarvi packaging. It would have been nice to have the Quartet Records release of the score tied to this release like they did with TOTAL RECALL via Studiocanal.
  18. I'm just thinking out loud that since the registration appears to be at the end of 2020, it seems unlikely it was going to be a HOOK expansion set anytime soon. We all had hoped for it be part of LLL's Black Friday batch which unfortunately didn't happen. So if that BF batch is ready to come out now I.e.starting next month, I doubt it's going to be featuring HOOK. In the order of titles being prepared for that batch, it's highly unlikely to happen so soon. And some of us had our hopes too high.. But its the 30th Anniversary this year and we have still 9 months to go.
  19. Not to mention the approval process which was greatly hampered by the current Covid situation. Or sometimes the final sign off may just depend on One guy as is the nature of the beast. We just have to be patient and and save up.
  20. Sales Exention by 1 more week! & ALIEN 3 back in Stock! Just recieved email flyer from La La Land Records: BY POPULAR DEMAND - EXTENDED FOR ONE MORE WEEK!!! SALE GOOD THRU 4/27/21 - IT WILL NOT BE EXTENDED FURTHER 25% OFF SITE-WIDE SPRING SALE ON NOW at www.lalalandrecords.com TAKE 25% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. The discount will be applied at final checkout. This special applies to ALL in-stock titles EXCEPT our recent releases of THE TIME TUNNEL VOL 1., FRIDAY THE 13th PART VIII: JASON TAKES MANHATTAN, and the purchase of e-Gift Certificates.
  21. Yay! my copy just arrived super fast from Quartet along with 3 other goodies...
  22. Yes Thor. This is a must have. Better to have this which is an improvement over the previous release. And if you prefer re-recordings then the Tadlow album would be sufficient.
  23. Quartet Records and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer present the remastered reissue of the wonderful, memorable music composed by Miklós Rózsa for Billy Wilder´s classic THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, this time in a 2-CD set with extra material. Wilder’s unique take on the world’s greatest consulting detective was meant to explore previously dark corners of Homes’ life—including his addiction to cocaine and his troubled relationships with women. Last-minute studio jitters forced Wilder to make massive cuts, shortening the running time from 210 to 125 minutes. The resulting film, in spite
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