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  1. The Matrix for sure. The 2nd one could be The Hollow Man or Medicine Man.....?
  2. Looks like I was being prophetic without even knowing it...
  3. The previous AI was just perfect.There is no need for anymore further remastering or inclusion.For my money this is just a reissue.
  4. The only thing that riles me about the Sanscript chants are the western performers- it still sounds like a westerner is trying to emulate the sound in their own western accent trying hard to be as accurate possible. Its a common problem when Hollywood tries to do the same for most Russian choral texts in scores. Such as the Hymn from HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER which my Russain speaking friends can barely makout what those lyrics are even saying. I cant make out exactly what they are chanting throughout in Sanskrit in 'Temple of Doom' cue but I do recognise some wordings which make sense:
  5. Iam Always hopeful for something positive. Hoping it will be a Williams title or titles this time around...
  6. I have a few Sri Lankan friends here. I’ll run the music with them and see if they can pick this up. The language used in the film and spoken by Harrison Ford is both in native Sri Lankan and Hindi. It’s just so embarrassing that the was no consistency for accuracy in the film. Incidentally, I tried speaking some of the Ford’s dialect with my Sr Lankan friend and he immediately responded thereby confirming the Sri Lankan ‘Sinhala’😁
  7. This is definitely NOT a Williams composed source music.Being indigenous to this region geographically I can at least say that the source music is a typical wedding style music sung in ceremonies.The song is not even in Hindi and appears to be some dialect either Tamil or Bengali or Marathi. One of the biggest problems in the movie is the various dialects being spoken. The Villagers are clearly speaking Sri Lankan ‘Sinhala’ (owing to the location shoot) whereas the dialogue spoken by Amrish Puri (Mola Ram) and dialogue during the bridge sequence is classic Hindi. Since the dance se
  8. I just checked it out on Spotify and it does sound much better! My own copy is lying sealed up though. Heh.
  9. Just the Filmscore program which also spills over on disc 2. The 2nd remaster issue is just a different mix mastering here which sort of conforms to the original OST album sound.
  10. @Bespin Help me find the CD of Digital Hollywood album online please.
  11. Both of these are great but The Kentuckian has become one of top Five Herrmann’s. I just love the Charles Ives inspired Americana music here. My Top 5 1.Vertigo 2.Psycho 3.The Ghost and Mrs Muir 4. Fahrenheit 451 5. The Kentuckian
  12. I have one of these and was disappointed that it wasnt much different from the regular edition.
  13. At the Oscars they had a dance troupe perform the cue to a medley of other nominated scores by some choreographer lady called Debbie Allen.
  14. The Motorcade, The Conspirators and The Finale. But I actually love the whole score.
  15. Go pick up Rio Conchos. You will thank Intrada. It's a fantastic thematic western. You don't need to aee the film.
  16. You deliberately didn't mention any Williams in the possibility of the titles. Why?
  17. Shucks and this holds my order too but maybe I’ll request them to change or swap LIONHEART with some other title @Intrada.
  18. I still haven't opened mine either. Including the 2CD SACD edition. The problem is my amplifier broke down 6 months ago and I haven't had a chance to play any of my newly bought cds yet. There are 80+ of them. Very soon my new Amp will be here and that's when I'm gonna blast these on for massive premiere party. I ll have trouble which stuff to play first but it's definitely going to be John Williams.
  19. Yes it was definitely 70s. Oh well, I I'll try to figure it out myself. Thanks.
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