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  1. I have the RCA RED SEAL editions of these titles which are pure stereo with none of the Dolby surround nonsense. The recordings sound more vibrant and alive on these ones.
  2. So.. this is our Origins story. Mine was Superman by John Williams in 1980 when I got the soundtrack. Never looked back.
  3. But can you feel the jump in sound quality with both UHQCD and SHM-CD if you compare with normal cd. I suppose the resolution is better.
  4. So this edition has both UHQCD and MQA. Will the UHQCD format play on normal players? I think MQA does require a specific DAC or supporting player. Anyways I suppose the UHQCD has a better resolution so can you feel the difference between this and regular playback? Also since it's Japanese release I saw another format for some of the Boston Pop recordings of another format called SHM CD. Anyone know what that is?
  5. The price is the real deal here. Luckily I have most of the yellow gold pressing with the notes and only a few titles were missing in my collection which got compensated in this set.
  6. Yes, those clues were fun. I wish Roger would bring those back.
  7. So cool, that the SACD arrived today on Williams 89th Birthday Anniversary. But damn those Customs duties which charged me half the price of this expensive set ! Nice jewel set but all in Japanese here. Dunno if its going to have any English listing inside.
  8. Update from Doug Fake on the next release : http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8670
  9. Will we survive the polycarbonite process? I'm worth a lot to Boba Fett!!
  10. SACD sets are usually very limited and sell out very quickly; only to reappear on the secondary market with super jacked up prices. Act now!
  11. I'am pretty confident that Williams management will ensure that only Mike be allowed to tackle the Indy project. Understandably, I feel Williams wants all his scores represerved and restored properly before he is gone. It's just a matter of red tape and logistics which need to be handled as things happen. Now question is will the Indy expansions happen as a box set or as individual releases ?
  12. Waiting for my order to ship. Just wondering if it will be mutli channel or just stereo? Update! Found this on eBay. It is Stereo. At least the cd is in regular jewel case. With Obi. Cool. P. S. Just got shipping notice from Tokyo, Japan. Should have it by mid next week.
  13. Whatever suits Mike, Im in.
  14. A rebuilt from scratch for RAIDERS wont be neccessary since the Eric Tomlinson mix knocks it off the park.But then Matessino always does a great job making the best of it. Both SUPERMAN & CLOSE ENCOUNTERS sound phenonmenonal. However, the OST had a very differnt mix (and I'm not sure how much Shawn Murphy did rework this on the concord set). 'The Map Room' on the OST mix stands out in particular with the snares mixed louder and upfront (I think) It would be great if RAIDERS got a special 2CD Restoration- Its one of my top3 Williams !
  15. I was just playing this yesterday. 'The Girl With Sun In Her Hair' is one of the highlights on this set.
  16. Yes the sound quality is astonishingly good. Exactly what I had expected(and hoped) I have yet to open my copy of MINORITY REPORT. I hear it sounds equally good too!
  17. Interestingly enough some of the exclusive cues from this set have made it as Encore selections in the Vocallion Dutton SACD/CD pressings.
  18. Oh there is another recording of the same Daniel Webster suite on the Unicorn Kanchana label. It's also a good recording being conducted by Herrmann himself.
  19. Yes, the original score has never been fully recorded. Have I have this fabulous recording and the sound quality is very good. This Devil Webster is not the full recording but an extended suite. The Charles Ives tribute suite is another winner. John Williams conducted two cues including the Ives piece in a concert in NY. This is a must have!
  20. Iam assuming many of your ordering this can read and play music. If so Cool.!
  21. I doubt its ready. They werent able to do anything on any of the related Warner titles last year and they still have to deal with the multiple licences unfortunately. Maybe November this year?
  22. I was able to get the remastered edition as as well as the previous print. But have not been able to hear the new remaster as yet. Anyone else double dipped on this can tell me how well is the remaster in comparison?
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