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  1. Iam assuming many of your ordering this can read and play music. If so Cool.!
  2. I doubt its ready. They werent able to do anything on any of the related Warner titles last year and they still have to deal with the multiple licences unfortunately. Maybe November this year?
  3. I was able to get the remastered edition as as well as the previous print. But have not been able to hear the new remaster as yet. Anyone else double dipped on this can tell me how well is the remaster in comparison?
  4. The Million dollar question is: is The Story of A Woman published for public domain?
  5. I hope they record Irina's Theme from Indy 4. or how aboyt 'Young Indys First Adventure' concert piece.-If they are going to do a live to film performance of Superman-I guess they can do a crisp job on this piece. Fingers crossed!
  6. Yes, it would be even nicer if Williams used them for a film project. I asked this question to MOVIE WEEKLY(Australia) contest which would ask Williams in an interview. And yes, I won the set as a result of my posed question.
  7. For me definitely most exciting since the expanded THE MUMMY came about. To get the whole thing remastered including the OST for WAR OF THE WORLDS was the big highlight of 2020 for me.
  8. here is the link. I have transposed these to an excel sheet, which i just pvt messaged you as well.
  9. Im baffled by your response. Im simply asking about the comparasion charts between the OST and the recorded cues like the other scores in this thread so I can see whats missing/unreleased. Anyways, I found the appropriate post which had the cue listings. Somebody should put up the excel sheet at least.
  10. Jay, Is THE PATRIOT (sheets) upcoming? I was planning to revisit the film and investigate it.
  11. A while back I had a dream that LLL was doing an exclusive John Barry Bond box set which was primarily being produced by Neil S. Bulk. Even in the dream I was freaking out. And then I woke up. LoL.
  12. Getting back to A. I. Can anyone confirm which cue on CD 1 features instrument Cor Anglais. I cant find if this was mentioned in the cd booklet or was it mentioned in the podcast interview with Matessino.
  13. Iam talking about the actual score tracks and not the album master. Definitely better quality tapes than those used for RCA Sony editions were found and a certain restoration engineer did confirm to me years ago. Now, if the actual first generation ptistine tapes are still not found then that's a different story.
  14. Guys dont worry about JEDI. Better quality tapes were found and are in safe hands. Thats All I have to say.
  15. Mondo has just announced that SUPERMAN THE MOVIE OST reissue on Vinyl for this year. https://mondoshop.com/blogs/news/music-weekly-aquaman-deluxe-edition-3xlp ...and a reissue of John Williams' 1978 masterwork SUPERMAN, with more hopefully arriving later in the year. I was kinda hoping that LLL would have issued theIr program as 3XLP. But thankfully the above appears to be a reissue of the same Williams OST programe (I think they will be using Mike Matessino's revised upgraded remaster of the OST as used by LLL)
  16. And hopefully we will see some Warner titles specifically JFK, come November. And Witches of Eastwick
  17. Thats fine with me. Most of the new stuff doesnt really come to the level what these were able to accomplish. Stuff that I didnt pay attention earlier now have gotten the regal treatment and to say the least rediscovering them is such a delight and a treat. TOTAL RECALL is one of my favourite adrenline charged scores from Goldsmith; the purchase of the Vinyl is totaly from a nostalgic point of view and to enjoy the artwork whereas the 2nd CD is a repurchase for both the new artwork and because my previous cds are getting worn out with scratches! -I have played this a lot.
  18. here is another: but only the previous program [sans the live edition] A Blu Ray AUDIO version. 2.0 DTS-HD MA 24bit / 96kHz 5.1 DTS-HD MA 24bit / 96kHz Dolby Atmos https://pureaudiorecordings.com/product/john-williams-wiener-philharmoniker-john-williams-live-in-vienna/?cookie-state-change=1608188671681 The specs indicate that 5.1 mix is 96kHz instead of 24bit/48kHz on the regular Blu rays. (This is just the Blu ray Audio with no video.)
  19. The 3CD retains the previous issues 2CD program on Disc 1 & 2. Disc 3 is the new one here. Most Folks, who have the previous set will probably not go for it again. Hence, the limited release. Im still on the fence, since I never really warmed up for the score.
  20. The fastest order ever received from a label. These arrived Saturday.
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