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  1. Yes, but I don't have that luxury since it costs so much more for International mail, I prefer to have at least 3 titles per order. Also it takes more than 2 weeks to reach me. So I thought I'd wait a little more. Casper is still in stock at LLL so Iam hoping Jeff has already ordered more copies. They had it in stock a day before WAR OF THE WORLDS got listed.
  2. Since CASPER is out of stock my order didn't ship. Ugh.
  3. I asked about Tripord Siren sfx at FSM and Mike Matessino just responded : Just wanted to know if the Tripod trumpet like blast effect was created by John Williams in pre production? If so it would be nice to have that as an added Easter Egg on this set! MM:It wasn't musically created actually. I did think about having it but there was no clean element for it, and the mood at the time the project was getting finalized was not one in which it felt like a good idea to scare listeners out of their wits with this siren of doom.
  4. Ordered! (From the samples) Sound quaity is greatly improved and clear! Thanks Intrada and Team. Im sure, another astrounding job by Mike Matessino. I suppose sound is transfered in high resolution. The Opening/ Prologe and Epilogue (sans dialogue) are already my favourite cues!
  5. Mine too. Iam definetly ordering the LP set and the 2cd again!
  6. Total Recall: 30th Anniversary Edition (3XLP) & 2CD Jerry Goldsmith https://www.quartetrecords.com/product/total-recall-30th-anniversay-edition-3xlp/ https://quartetrecords.com/product/total-recall-30th-anniversary-edition-2-cd/ Pressed on 3X180 GM Black Vinyl Specially Mastered for Vinyl From the original digital multi-track masters tapes Produced by Neil S. Bulk and Bruce Botnick Mastered for vinyl by Bruce Botnick Lacquers Mastered by Bernie Grundman Separate booklet with liner notes by Jeff Bond and new artwork by Kyle Lambert Limited edition
  7. I'am very excited about this release, as I have been wanting this for quite some time to get a proper remastering and expansion. The OST album didnt always sound fresh to me but its probably the mix. Anyways, listening to the Opening Prologue cue has been a revelatory experience. Some wonderful atonal nuances come out so fresh and to say the least its already my favourite new cue. The sound quality/mix is indeed terrific. I'm sure Matessino went for a proper high resolution transfer and Iam so glad that the OST album is getting a rehaul the same way. Its going to be wonderful listening program
  8. I cant wait for this 2CD set. Intrada will eventually release a 4CD set 2 years later ! too
  9. Somebody had stated "I want my War" in another thread. Well, he just got this War (of the Worlds). 😁 I have been waiting for this release for ages. Thanks Intrada. I was expecting LLL to release this but irrespective it's done by none other than good old Mike Matessino so it doesn't matter. I was saving my unopened Minority Report cd set for this. Now I'll be able to unveil and play these back to back!!
  10. Finally my first batch of orders post lock down are coming through....
  11. Ordering it myself too. Basically Main program from disc 1 through disc 2 has been reset to the OST albu mix and so it should sound better. Hate double dipping though.
  12. Thats why I have 3 copies, and one is still sealed. DCC.
  13. I agree Marion's Theme was redundant when it is already reprised in the Raiders March. Han Solo and the Princess(Revised) from Empire would have been a more appropriate choice.
  14. Then why is Shawn mentioned as the Soundtrack Reissue Engineer??? I know Bouzereau is the executive producer of this set. Also both Eric Tomlinson and John Neal are clearly mentioned as to their roles in the original recordings.
  15. I had no idea John Neal had actually mixed the entire score before locking the program to the single Lp release we know of today. The Concord release of RAIDERS does show case the John Neal mixes on some cues such as Map Room is and the edited Desert Chase. (I think) I wonder if Shawn Murphy used Neal's mixes altogether..
  16. A few years before the set was even considered I implored Matessino to do it as a stand-alone 3CD set for this and specifically requested that the OST album be made part of this. I even made my own version of the track list for the set. This was around the time when the FSM set became OOP. I was told it would eventually happen in the future but there was a lot of paper work and approvals required. Fast forward to the future, and as plans to issue the standalone set were set in motion and it was going to be a high resolution transfer from the same sources that was used for the FSM s
  17. Moderators are always rude and condescending. It's their Job. Right Jay? 😂
  18. Thanks for the update. The Vinyl market is doing rather well with cd sales declining. I only hope Joel McNeely recording of Herrmann's VERTIGO is possible someday. You have no idea how many of us want that on Vinyl.
  19. Agreed and I too would be in favour of LINCOLN as its a very simple but multi layered score. It grows on you rapidly. Speaking of unrleased music I believe Williams did mention in an interview they recorded many hours of music before settling on the right cues. So we can expect many alternates here. (Dont remember which interview article it was at the moment but I do remember disntinctly it was a print interview)
  20. I dont know if this is in Intrada's territory or radar but I'd love to have THE LAND BEFORE TIME. James Horner's gorgeous epic score for this animated film is just stunnng.
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