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  1. Just saw this movie last night. It wasnt that bad. And HGW score was pretty good just not as rich as I was expecting. SOme cues were were standout and I do intend to pick this cd soon. The themes are short but the overall orchestration is colorful and vivid, much like the cinematography.Anyways, I just pulled out my old Goldsmith Muan cd album. Hopefully, Disney will get to expanding this superb Goldsmith score out some day.
  2. They (SAE)also discovered a box full of the MIKLOS ROZSA TREASURY set! dont remember how that went...but alas I had no funds then...
  3. Any news if this is going to going be put on a SACD format as well?. Does DG issues SACD formats also?
  4. Quartet Records release is perfect and the sound quality is amazing because Neil S Bulk did such a fantastic job in producing this. See my interview with him at JerryGoldsmithonline.com http://jerrygoldsmithonline.com/spotlight_neilsbulk_interview.htm
  5. The recent 4K release of E. T. had the OST and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA blu ray collectors edition had the OST album some time ago.
  6. He didn't mention why? Could be because the UK blu ray label Zavvi is issuing a collectors edition 4K Box set with the 2CD set also. So artwork adjustments must be because of that. https://www.zavvi.com/blu-ray/total-recall-30th-anniversary-edition-4k-ultra-hd-collector-s-edition/12689884.html
  7. Good News, Quartet Records boss has privately confirmed to me and to share to you all, that their 2CD set of TOTAL RECALL is scheduled to be back in print shortly. The artwork may also be revised. Stay tuned.
  8. Maybe they are doing Barry's MOONRAKER ? That would be something. Becuase fans have been wating this for quite some time!
  9. I wanted to buy this but always hoped than a new DE would come out. So Ive hesitated on that one.
  10. For me: 1. Presumed Innocent 2. Step Mom 3.Goodbye Mr Chips 4.The Eiger Sanction
  11. Silly me. Yes, oh.. well someday.... That's one of the best sounding Shawn Murphy recorded album.! I only had a tape dub..
  12. Jay, what do you mean? Iam talking about Brainstorm ( hoping its the single VCL title that varese is releasing on Friday) Nevermind, OH wait! Now i get it LOL
  13. No CITIZEN KANE was recorded by Jonathan Allen.Bruce Botnick is only involved in the mastering.
  14. The BRAINSTORM OST has been OOP since a very long time. Varese producers on FSM, forum under the new regime) have indicated that this is being in the works. Apparently the former head of Varese had vetoed the project. Luckily all those vetoed projects are now being considered for the Varese catalogue. We still dont know if BRAINSTORM is in this month's schedule.
  15. Start with VERTIGO- fantastic recording followed by TROUBLE WITH HARRY, MARNIE, 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and ofcourse PSYCHO But dont forget NORTH BY NORTHWEST although done by another orchestra but expertly conducted by Joel McNeely, TORN CURTAIN will disap-point becuase of poor recording accoustics so avoid it. CITIZEN KANE is alright but there are better recordings!
  16. Thanks. While I wait patiently to get my set (which will take much, much longer ) I'am happy to hear that the audio only channel on the blu ray is presented in both 2.0 and 5.1 sound (as well as dolby atmos). I wouldnt even mind a SACD edition (which I think will happen sometime later since the mix on the blu ray is already in multi channel) P.S. Anyone in Australia who has received their copy yet ?. Mine is supposed to ship from there.
  17. Thanks everyone. These are great Programs. And Iam using these as is for my long car drives.
  18. With all the lash back on the John Williams in Vienna concert release, I thought it would be nice if such a concert were to be reprised again in Vienna or Europe. I thought it would be nice to see if we could come up with ‘our own’ idealized version of what a Williams Concert program be like. So, feel free to make your own and add to the post here. (But just ensure that the Concert Program should be well balanced. We can’t have all the exciting adventures cues back to back. There should be a breather in between those with slower or lighter cues) Here is mine: 1. Lib
  19. the video concert is 5.1 and alongside the multi channel and the additional Dolby Atmos. But if the extra Audio channel only extra is 5.1 then that should be enough .
  20. Dont know if the the Blu ray Audio* only option is in stereo or 5.1 but I would welcome an SACD Multi-Channel presentation of this recording. if they did MQA version of it I see no reason why they shouldnt do this one too since SACD format has more fans in Europe than in USA.
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