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  1. I wish, I wish I knew, so I am wishing upon a star! :-)
  2. Its not E.T. But you may look up at the stars and make a wish.
  3. I think MV used that post as launch pad for something else. We know there are other Williams projects in the brewing at LLL. So I guess he means its SOME THING ELSE more important and definitive than HOME ALONE 25TH ANNIVERSARY release. I suspect another majestic 2 or 3CD set release with no one other than Mike Mattessino involved. Ahh! La La Land! - Where dreams are born and specially when one wishes upon the stars.
  4. Lets not forget the alternates if any and ofcourse the remastered sound. Im not too happy with my Varese cd as it sounds a bit shrill. Plus hoping that Mike Mattesino wprked on its assembly. It would be amazing then. Lets wait and see and later on of course the original JAWS
  5. Never has these pics been so scrutinized since that infamous zapruder film.
  6. I missed that thread, can you post the link Icanus
  7. At the recent 30th Anniversary celebration party by Intrada, various beautiful collage posters were placed show casing some wonderful releases from them including some cleverly hidden covers of future release. One of them appears to be JAWS 2! :-)( Its hidden between PATTON and COCOON beneath AGENT CODY BANKS) Intrada also posted these posters sheets on facebook. But the one showcasing the JAWS 2 had been photoshopped. At first I thought it was JAWS but its most likely JAWS 2. The unedited poster sheet was spotted on facebook page.
  8. Warners Bro is pretty much open to LLL. WITCHES is bound to happen-it just may take some time. My biggest Williams wishlist item however is JFK. But that has big rights issue mess. Hope someone is able to clear that up. I'd love LLL to dig that out.
  9. I don't remember if I have seen this and we discussed it. Source? The intrada forum? By the way, I was wondering if Quartet has any Williams. I asked them at FSM if they do and they didn't reply, BUT they did reply to someone else earlier that asked about Marnie, and they said they have no Herrmann in the pipeline. I think LLL has mentioned it very vaguely that they have more Williams projects lined up. Even Mike Matttessino has hinted that their collaborations with the LLL/John Williams will yield more opportunities for the future. And Intrada recently confirmed in a post by Doug Fake that th
  10. Well Doug at Intrada has hinted that they have John Williams lined up. No timelines given. It looks like two projects. But I can make an educated guess that the first one could be JAWS! Plus we have LLL preparing more JW projects so I guess these are good things to hope for until we get the new STAR WARS movie score.
  11. Horner had really matured as a composer quite earlier on and his compositions were often on par with John Williams talents.
  12. Is there any software that can help you download this ? (I know others have done this before but Im struggling to get this down)
  13. LLL has definitely has some new William/Spielbergs projects in store for us in the near future- I dont know if all of them will materialise this year. But AI will be enough to enjoy in the interim period. I'm still ravishing over their majestic EMPIRE OF THE SUN. Maybe Intrada could surprise us with a definitive JAWS issue-Im speculating of course..
  14. First he should rerecord STORIA DI UNA DONNA, dammit! Ofcourse, Damnit! lol
  15. Maybe if we get James Fitzpatrick of Tadlow to re-record the entire REIVERS score he could add this suite with and with out the dialogue. He does include such pieces as bonus cues. So if it were to happen this would be a perfect opportunity to have the music only track of the suite.
  16. Er... you're wrong, sorry. While the OST can be a fine listen on its own and surely contains several key highlights, it does not represent the score in all its subtlety, nuances and true musical fashion. As others said, it omits almost completely the music from the first act of the film and some really gorgeous connective tissue material where the thematic material is further explored and taken to new directions (JW is a master of the theme-and-variations approach). A.I. maybe doesn't have the same tone poem-like narrative flow as Superman, Raiders, Star Wars or Harry Potter--it's a real stran
  17. Apart from this expansion set of AI it is indeed gratifying to know that LLL through the professional expertise of Mike Mattessino have managed to forge a very good trust worthy relationship with both Williams and Spielberg's offices. LLL has already alluded to this fact that these will forge further releases from them in the near future ( and I guess these are probably in pre-production since revealed last year in an on-line interview and recently on the FSM) So what's on their agenda? Well I know nothing but I would speculate that the breathtaking restorations of the recent EMPIRE OF THE SU
  18. The recent trend of John William expansions from LLL have mostly been Steven Spielberg films.. like the recent, 1941, HOOK and EMPIRE OF THE SUN.. just an observation....what Williams Spielberg scores deserves a proper expansion in your opinion?
  19. Great News! La La Land gearing up for another JOHN WILLIAMS title for a possible May release! Here is what LLL post on their Facebook Empire of the Sun message: Did I mention that we are wrapping up another William's expansion now? Artwork goes into the studio for approval shortly. Hopefully by May we will see the final product. I'll say the Gates at Warner bros have been opened let the speculation begin!
  20. I would speculate that the next line of title could easily be from the Warner archive or even Universal. Since the success of EMPIRE OF THE SUN to which even Mike Mattessino eluded to one of his essays as opening to new doors/projects. And we have been lucky with LLL's recent batch of goodies such as HOOK, JANE EYRE, HOME ALONE 1 & 2, ROSEWOOD, 1941 and now EMPIRE OF THE SUN so lets see. Make a wish list and the likely release title are in there.
  21. I do remember reading in a JW interview on the subject that that there were many other cues recorded that did not end on the film or something to that effect. Probably an extra hour worth..?
  22. Thank You folks- This is for a *special project' Cheers!
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