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  1. Thanks. While I wait patiently to get my set (which will take much, much longer ) I'am happy to hear that the audio only channel on the blu ray is presented in both 2.0 and 5.1 sound (as well as dolby atmos). I wouldnt even mind a SACD edition (which I think will happen sometime later since the mix on the blu ray is already in multi channel) P.S. Anyone in Australia who has received their copy yet ?. Mine is supposed to ship from there.
  2. Thanks everyone. These are great Programs. And Iam using these as is for my long car drives.
  3. With all the lash back on the John Williams in Vienna concert release, I thought it would be nice if such a concert were to be reprised again in Vienna or Europe. I thought it would be nice to see if we could come up with ‘our own’ idealized version of what a Williams Concert program be like. So, feel free to make your own and add to the post here. (But just ensure that the Concert Program should be well balanced. We can’t have all the exciting adventures cues back to back. There should be a breather in between those with slower or lighter cues) Here is mine: 1. Lib
  4. the video concert is 5.1 and alongside the multi channel and the additional Dolby Atmos. But if the extra Audio channel only extra is 5.1 then that should be enough .
  5. Dont know if the the Blu ray Audio* only option is in stereo or 5.1 but I would welcome an SACD Multi-Channel presentation of this recording. if they did MQA version of it I see no reason why they shouldnt do this one too since SACD format has more fans in Europe than in USA.
  6. MV mentioned to that he was trying all these years to get this to happen but I guess the math is the reason.Hopefully things may turn around.
  7. It just shows you have a great focus while listening. Nice.
  8. Anyone in USA getting the Ltd Collectors Edition Vinyl yet? I just want to know if besides shipping you have to pay any duties or additional fee (US only)
  9. Yeah, I know. But they are replicating original artwork as it is.
  10. Finally two more additions: Dutton Vocallion (UK) has now released two more SACDs: Casablanca : Classic Films for Humphrey Bogart https://www.duttonvocalion.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=CDLK4639 And DAVID RAKSIN Conducts His Great Film Scores https://www.duttonvocalion.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=CDLK4641
  11. In case you missed it, the OST reissue can be found in the 4k Blu ray release. But no bonus cues etc.
  12. I suppose Casper on disc 1 is the complete film score program with additional 12 minutes on disc 2 and alternates/ bonus cues.( I doubt the film OST on disc 2.)
  13. Found this LLL cd in my city at a jumble sale for 60 cents. Sealed! Totally unexpected...
  14. I'd love to get Death Becomes Her, because I missed getting the OST. I wonder what happened to Jurassic Park III, MV had indicated on FSM that it was coming after we got the Williams JP set and then time just passed.
  15. here is what Conrad Pope posted on Nov 24th, 2019: Conrad Pope:ARRANGING/ADAPTING: What’s the Difference? What are the challenges?John Williams asked me to do an arrangement of Princess Leia’s Theme for Anne-Sophie Mutter. When “god” asks you to do something- no matter how inadequate you feel to the task- it is impossible to say no—particularly when the performer is a “goddess” whose music making has inspired you all your life. This summer at the HOLLYWOOD MUSIC WORKSHOP I shall share the process that resulted in this recording. What is an arrangement? What is an ada
  16. Correct, he basically arranged and adapted that piece for Williams and Sophie.
  17. I already asked a question which was relevant for this new release and within the confines of being a very valid question in the first place. But ofcourse I could ask 100 different more.
  18. Looks like I won an online contest to have John Williams answer a question which Movie Weekly (Australia) selected from a few folks. Each winner gets the JOHN WILLIAMS IN VIENNA Deluxe Edition cd/blu ray. But they can only ship the prize in Australia. Since I dont live there they can however ship to my cousin living there. So I gather myself as lucky for it.
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