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  1. The postman just gave me a missed call on my phone . Yay!!! And its here!
  2. My last two Intrada orders these 2 months were fairly prompt as was UK mail. So lets see...
  3. My orders are averaging 12-15 days in total until delivery which was also the norm in pre covid days.I was getting periodic updates on all my tracking apps. This order shipped on 27th but dropped dead after 31st Oct. Technically it should have reached my countrys mailing system by now. Hoping this should already be here if they missed out on the scanning.
  4. Anyone else from abroad whose orders are pending shipment from NY via Jamica (USPS) or JFK, NY? Mine still has nt updated. I dont even know if it has shipped out from US!
  5. That took a while for Herrmann to conduct this cue for this album [UNICORN Release] . Apparently the initial performance was way too slow. Herrmann attempted again and it was still slow. At this point he gave up and asked a collegue (Raksin or some one, I cant rememebr who exactly) to conduct it. That version was the right tempo and its then then Herrmann sort of woke up and reconducted this cue at the current pace. In my opinion its is still slow but Herrmann probably wanted to take it at a leisurly pace since the film was not being timed to here. As a indpendent inititaive it still works fin
  6. A very good recording of the complete score as written by Herrmann but it judiciously cut down in the film that Herrmann had them forced to remove his name from the credits.
  7. No. That was done by James Sedares for THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN/ Koch label. He also did EL CID for the Koch label. Gamba, McNeely and Bremmer have done their versions of CITIZEN KANE. I think there is another verson conducted by LeRoy Holmes -which is considered to be a rather bad performance. And only availble on LP.
  8. My parcel with this seems to be stuck in some Mail limbo at Jamica, NY since last 4 days. It should have left JFK by now! Must be the elections day off for the USPS post office.
  9. MIKLOS ROZSA TREASURY Set from FSM. Just when I had the funds and had placed my order it became OOP and out of stock. Then a year so later Lukas Kendfall found aihiiden box with some Units. But by that time I had no funds to cover that purchase. Recently the LLL's NEVADA SMITH WESTERN FILM COLLECTION 4CD set had sold out too, but I privately asked MV if they still had a copy and lo and behold he had one. I was just lucky to get that last week. whew!
  10. About to embark on a Tom Cruise Soundtrack marathon. 😊 All new sealed sets. Where to begin.. 🤔
  11. Update from Doug at his Intrada page: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/sc.13/category.60330/.f New for this coming week are two pretty big releases, both expanded and remastered editions of great James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith albums. The Land Before Time includes both major cues Horner dropped from the original MCA release, totaling 15 minutes of new music. The Last Castle offers the complete score plus alternates, and remains one of my Goldsmith favorites: military all the way, Malcolm McNab’s solo trumpet in the spotlight. Artwork, contents and sound samples should be
  12. Mine went from San Francisco International to Jamaica, NY and departed via JFK International, NY yesterday.
  13. Strange as it is, I just read about one of the child voice actors yesterday, who was sadly a homicide victim at age 10. The girl voiced Ducky (Yep Yep Yep)
  14. Thanks! * I was just trying to fix it. You know how strange this gets when you have an old mobile.
  15. Intrada's Roger Figelson did indicate recently that they were in touch with Disney over the rights for Horner's Willow (which is stuck in arppovals etc) but in another related issue he pointed that Disney was still trying to figure out with the Lucasfilm heriatge and what they could do (infering to the Young Indy series music) so I assume if Disney is getting to start work on this new Willow series it just might pave way to get them to do the Horner project first!
  16. If I were to choose ONE soundtrack above all. It would be this. Period.
  17. Mike Matessino drew some interesting parallels to 9/11 and the current Pandemic situation in the podcast interview that Maurizio conducted. I always noticed how Anti Spielbergian film this was in terms of the directors own usual approach to the subject matter and being as subtle as possible without empowering us with those cliched film making techniques which we were so aware of. Over the years I have been drawn into this score because it's a very subtle and restrained effort from Williams in the thematic sense and it's all merely incidental music. I think both the director and Composer chose
  18. I just wish Spielberg would do another Sci fi based film with Willlams. I know Iam just being nostalgic but both need to return to this genre again.
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