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  1. I feel like I should do an analysis of Always out of pure sympathy.
  2. Very cool! Here's a direct link to the Brightcove video, to do with what you will. EDIT: It's officially on YouTube now too.
  3. Meh. If they had to change it up, I wish they would've gone full 80s and gotten Giorgio Moroder.
  4. I'm too lazy make a text list, but here's my playlist for Muppets from Space.
  5. It's totally one of my favorite JW pieces ever. I get legit excited whenever NBC uses it for breaking news.
  6. Anybody know if Jack Nitzsche's Starman is stuck at Varèse, or could another label release it?
  7. I got to see when he came through Austin back in June. It was such a cool show! And all the more amazing since it's the kind of thing I never would have even conceived of getting to see. The band was a bit more rockin' than the mainly electronic sound on some of his scores—that Escape from New York video is a good example. I thought the Halloween theme in particular sounded incredible with the full band. Here's a potato quality pic I took:
  8. It was previously reported that the Williams featurette will be a "digital exclusive."
  9. Sometimes I'll starting humming this one and then my brain will turn it into "Celebrate Discovery." It's that first part of the verse that does it.
  10. Finally got the new Starship Troopers and Tom Sawyer releases, and Supergirl: Season 1. Also snagged a vinyl of How to Steal a Million for cheap on eBay. Appears to be a UK promo release. Neato!
  11. I've got the LP as well. Seems to be a lot easier to come by than the CD. But $5 is a good deal, anyway.
  12. I talk to my mom on the phone pretty much every day. My dad, every few weeks.
  13. The DVD is long out of print. Hopefully Criterion or Twilight Time or somebody can release it on Blu-ray someday.
  14. I'm quite looking forward to 10 Cloverfield Lane. I loved it in the film and have been waiting for the CD to hear it again. That would be hilarious is they forwent liner notes this time and just did a foldout poster.
  15. Here I was thinking Wenham's not old enough to have kids that age... and then I realized The Two Towers was 14 years ago. Yeesh.
  16. That musical number was absolutely delightful.
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