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  1. Yeah, confirmation that it will be Prime Universe, post-Nemesis (technically, post-flashback from Star Trek '09), is the last holdout for me to be fully on board.
  2. That article never confirms the claim its clickbait headline makes. They're just speculating based on Deadline's reporting.
  3. I just saw in my Amazon saved cart that The Hateful Eight and The Good Dinosaur both dropped to $8.39. Maybe some kind of sale on recent soundtracks? At any rate, both will be mine soon. Looks like The Force Awakens is at that price as well.
  4. Rian Johnson is the most exciting one for me. His previous work really gives me hope that he will pull this off. Miller/Lord are fantastic, but a young Han Solo film sounds like such a bad idea. But then so did a movie about LEGOs and a 21 Jump Street film.
  5. The Rescuers Down Under would be most welcome. Those opening titles are an all time favorite of mine. And another Intrada release from the Disney Animated Classics canon gives me hope for the future, especially in light of the lack of news on the Disney Legacy Collection front.
  6. Sorry, Giacchino, but "Fuck You Asshole" is now my favorite track title of all time.
  7. I discovered that the hard way, listening to it in the car one time, turned up really loud to hear one of the quieter passages, and then BOOOOM! Deafening cymbal crash.
  8. Hmm. Is there a new equivalent of the "New content" page? That's my first daily go-to here. Bummer.
  9. Heads-up if you ordered this CD from Amazon, or were planning on it: for some reason, they never dropped below the list price (of $18.98) on this one, like they usually do. Even their Marketplace sellers have it new for way less than that. DeepDiscount even has it for $11.63. I politely emailed Amazon about it, and they they said even though it's not their policy to do so, they refunded me the difference between DeepDiscount's price and their own.
  10. I thought Jaws 8 with RoboJaws was pretty good.
  11. The first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is down to a much more reasonable price of $25 on Amazon now.
  12. 1. 160 GB iPod Classic (8 years strong!) 2. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones (These are great.) 3. Sony STR-DG820 receiver (A hand-me-down—I don't love it. Hoping to upgrade sometime.) and some Sony SS-B3000 speakers (they're adequate).
  13. The Eiger Sanction will be getting a standalone release on November 10.
  14. Dozens, I'm sure. Lots with Williams scores, including two Spielbergs: Amistad, and, I must admit, Schindler's List. So many movies, so little time. *sigh*
  15. I really loved this score. First time in a while that I've walked out of the theater humming a new theme. And Beck might have just out-Giacchino'd Giacchino on the track titles!
  16. LPT: Take ._SL1500_ out of the filename for the full resolution image.
  17. The Land Before Time is coming to Blu-ray October 13!
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