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  1. It's been out of print for probably, what, a decade? There are zero used copies of it available on Amazon right now, and whenever there are, they never go for less than $100. It needs a rerelease.
  2. So the official Star Wars YouTube channel has started posting From Star Wars to Jedi in parts. I only found out about this today as they posted the second part, which just so happens to be the section that features the film version of "Lapti Nek" and the other Max Rebo Band piece. I made some recordings of these several years ago straight from my VCR, but naturally this digital source sounds considerably better.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy is already up for preorder on Amazon.
  4. This might just be about the best non-JW soundtrack release news I could possibly hope for (that hasn't already come to pass)! Too bad Aladdin won't be hitting another milestone for 3 years, but at least there are a couple of Menkens already announced. I will probably end up getting all of these. I hope sales are good enough to keep the program going.
  5. Also in MOD DVD news, Warner just rereleased Angela's Ashes through the Warner Archive.
  6. I'm so excited that The Stepford Wives is finally getting a release! Gonna try to get me a signed one.
  7. I managed to snag a used copy of The Eiger Sanction for $21 on Amazon. Just got it in the mail, and it's in great shape. Quite a steal. I'm so glad to finally own this score! Only two more holes in my JW collection: The Towering Inferno and Jaws 2.
  8. Here's a breakdown for The Lion King. Check out the second one down for the album. Then you can decide where you want to place the score tracks if you don't want to split them up.
  9. I find the cover kind of amusing. "I can't find title of this movie... Oh, I see now. It's Conrack. Thanks, Jon!"
  10. Dreamworks will be releasing Amistad on Blu-ray in the US on May 6. It's up for preorder on Amazon.com.
  11. Eastwick is on Blu-ray in the US in a "double feature" with Practical Magic.
  12. It's been on sale at Amazon the last couple days for $22.96.
  13. I just made it into town about an hour ago. Less than two hours to go! (And with this Houston traffic, I'd better get a move on!)
  14. I got a pretty good deal on a 46" Toshiba LCD about 3 years ago—my first HDTV. It's been great for me, but if I had it to do over again, I'd pony up a little bit more for an LED.
  15. I got House of Cards for $12.99. Also grabbed Die Hard for $4.
  16. Huh, I didn't notice the similarity while watching the film, but it is rather clear hearing it now. When I first heard the fanfare, though, it did immediately make me think of Horner's "Genesis Countdown."
  17. I had the same problem with that track. I think I just ended up ripping it from the DVD. Now that you mention it, I should have another go at ripping the CD, now that I'm on a newer machine.
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