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  1. FSM: Most likely Patton / Flight of the Phoenix. Regular Varese: Aliens ... Club: Project X. Intrada: The Last Starfighter. LLL: Spaceballs.
  2. The score just before that part is barely audible in the film underneath the sound effects, so I doubt it would have made much difference if it had been included. You're right though, it is brilliant. No way it's going into an "alternates" section on my edit.
  3. Most of the tracks on the OSTs have something not on the CRs, even if it's just a few seconds here and there with/without choir, etc. As I recall, Jim Ware already did a pretty thorough breakdown of all the OST cues. Just some examples: The Prophecy - not on CR at all Concerning Hobbits - Incomplete theatrical version - not on CR The Shadow of the Past - Alternate intro The Treason of Isengard - More choir The Black Rider - Has an alternate section At the Sign of the Prancing Pony - Has unused music not on the CR (but is included in the rarities archive)
  4. Robocop makes a lot of sense, despite having tracked/edited credits. The original release was not only as far from chronological order as you can get, but also accidentally repeated a track - The track listing for the disc was also a mess because of this. The expanded release fixed the duplication error and track listing, but maintained the original intended album sequence, and only chucked 5 mins of new cues onto the end of the album. Both discs do end abruptly, something which is solved by adding the end credits. They'd be a worthwhile inclusion for that reason alone. If it is a resequence
  5. The theatrical Last Debate can be found on Battle for Middle Earth 2.
  6. Camp Widmore? Or the losties from 1977 perhaps, seeing as several of them are candidates. It's the Others whispering to each other as they observe the Losties. This was already confirmed in an interview with one of the writers a while back. The exact source escapes me. Basically, they knew back in season one already that the whispers were the Others, although at that time they had no larger picture for what the Others exactly were.
  7. answered. Perhaps Darlton revealed it would be addressed during comic con last year, but have since backtracked and said that it probably won't be answered within the series itself.
  8. Ouch. I had no idea there were quite so many film edits in the set. Regarding "A Shortcut to Mushrooms"... I always figured that the differences between the CR version and the OST were down to the OST being an alternate.
  9. That's hard to understand, it's not exactly difficult to hear. There are a few unused pieces included in the FotR CR as well though, so it must be something more than that. Yep, TTT and RotK are pretty much perfect releases, but FotR did have a few problems. I can't even begin to understand the reasoning behind including Ian Holm's singing, it's not like it has anything remotely to do with what the orchestra is playing, and is just there because "it's music that was in the film". Really distracting.
  10. Compare the CR Disc 2, track 14, 7:44-7:50 to the OST, track 13, 0:17-0:29 - The CR uses a film edit. Probably just a slip up.
  11. ... And there'd be no Ben Linus. Babylon 5 comes to mind - A series that spent 5 years continually swerving all over the road to make the master plan fit in with the realities of actors getting fed up and leaving, studio interference, threatened cancellation, etc.
  12. Almost. Tracks 2 and 3 should be switched round for chronological order. The way they're represented on album is a better listening experience though, 'Escape from the Tavern' nicely breaks up some similar material between the others. There's something like 30 mins missing from the first half of the film. The second half is included in it's entirety on album - Tracks 4, 5, 7 and 8 play almost uninterrupted in the film.
  13. Rumour mill says Caprica will almost certainly be getting a second season, despite the less than stellar ratings. SyFi seem to believe in this series in a big way, and the positive critical reaction can't be hurting matters. Are you paying attention, Fox?
  14. I do like the various Cylon experiments with individuality throughout the series, it was one aspect of The Plan that I enjoyed (specifically the Simon model who airlocks himself rather than being party to the death of his family). It's also interesting to consider the Cylons' efforts to mimic human behaviour from their more collective standpoint, especially in 'Downloaded', where their attempts to rebuild Caprica aren't anything more than a shallow mockery. They don't understand individuality at all, which is probably how Cavill managed to get them to go along with the attack in the first plac
  15. That one never bothered me really... As I recall Lee even brings the pardon up in the trial when he's making his speech about Baltar being a dumping ground for everyone's sins. I do think it's fairly believable that everyone would quite willingly have a blank spot when it comes to Baltar. (plus technically, Baltar wasn't actually in the fleet when the fleet-wide pardon was issued.) I think the comparison only fits as long as you can view the Cylons as an incomprehensible, unstoppable enemy who could come out of the shadows and attack at any time. It fits perfectly for the relentless pursuit
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