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  1. Why, you seemed more then willing to have your own personal rule about a bold text being considered shouting, and were angry at me for breaking that rule. And now you mock others for having set out guidelines for us to follow so we can avoid stupid mistakes like the one you made? Who ever said it was my rule? It wasn't only the bold texting but also the way you said it. If it was to be found elsewhere in the topic you could've just told me. Jeez
  2. They actually made official rules about this? some people have too much time on their hands
  3. It is obvious that we have different opinions in what we think is shouting on a message board. Still sounded dry though, but my apologies nevertheless
  4. OOO Well I'm SORRY mister perfect! @ Hlao-roo: Well every time I visit this site the topics are laready at page 3 and I'm not really up for reading 3 entire pages hehe :oops: still I'm glad you gave me a mature anwser instead of my fellow dutchie over there shouting the words into my face
  5. There were rumors going on about Williams not scoring PoA either. You sure this is true?
  6. wow you guys are lucky to have the film in theaters already we have to wait till september 16
  7. Cloudbusting that's what we pilots do almost every day
  8. I would definatly make all the go-motion effects CG. It hurt my eyes to see some scenes in beautiful CG while others were just go-motion. Other than that I wouldn't change anything.
  9. Hook is without a doubt my favorite Soundtrack.. well the complete soundtrack that is, too much is missing on the CD itself
  10. I ordered the Terminal Soundtrack ages ago but I still didn't get it
  11. to anwser the topic's question: as a matter of fact, yes I do.
  12. WHAT?? THEY TAMPERED WITH THE MUSIC??? Okay, redoing the lightsaber effects is one thing (I hate the old saber effects, lol) but changing the music is too much for me.. XP Oh well, It's Star Wars so I'll buy it anyways, no matter how many changes they make.
  13. yeah I just noticed that! I thought it was some kind of mistake, but it could just be pure kindness too Well whatever it is, thank you Dreamworks!! Soundquality might not be 192kbps but I don't care
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