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  1. No, no, no, not Gardiner...believe me, Richter (depending somewhat on the performance of course), he's the guy you want....for the more musical interpretation. It's either people like Richter (basically the only one for me) for the more musical, romantic interpretation or the more accurate, authentic, chamberroom interpretation like Herreweghe or Hanoncourt...when it comes to Bach. Both have drawbacks and strengths, but doesn't Gardiner sound a bit too flat? Just got that collector's edition of Richter's Bach by Archiv....beautiful, they're older recordings, but still great.
  2. Whatever people suggest, you should at the very least listen to the opening of Bach's Mass in B Minor, preferably by Karl Richter. That music was built for the funerals of popes.
  3. IMO, I think there are better arguments, but I'm not sure. It seems to me that once a company start building changers, they surely must spend time and money on it. In other words, research costs come into picture. Anytime any part that is being created not specifically for the sound and quality of the player and its music production, will make the machine more expensive, or make the music quality cheaper to push down the cost for the consumer. Therefore the same price you pay for a regular player with no 'fancy' stuff is more likely to have better engineering than one of with all kinds of 'gadgets'. Changers are not vital parts for the player, and so effort is being 'wasted' that should have gone into the beauty of the sound. It's like my stone-old argument about the choice between 2-stereo or 5-surround speakers. For the same price less speaker equals more sound. This of course is just an assumption. Maybe there are other things at work. But right now this seem to make much sense to me. BTW, about these speaker cable issues. I think the importance of cable quality could be inherent to the kind of speakers you have. If you have electrostatic speakers than the cables could perhaps be of lesser importance. Once again a quick assumption. PS: I have the E.T. and Yo Yo Ma SACD's. Hmm, just noticed this was an old thread. Anyway, SACD could be winding down to a complete halt. Too little is being made, too little promotion, and not enough interest in general. Sony I believe has already pulled back. It would be a shame, but once again the mundane majority could kill off something better.
  4. Thanks Roald, Stefan. Looks like I have to buy it online somewhere....ridiculous.
  5. Am I crazy or has Holland skipped on this soundtrack? No matter where I look, I can't seem to find it. They all point to the obvious Jeff Wayne set. Mediamarkt in Utrecht actually had ordered dozens of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, it's all layed out there on the shelves, but no John Williams to be seen. Any of you Dutchies know where to get it? Cause I sure don't.
  6. I usually agree with UK viewers. I usually agree with Alex Cremers. This is a bloated movie, in more than one way. I couldn't believe people actually went to see this SFX parade, this crap, beg ya pardon. Lots of mumbo jumbo about lots of mumbo jumbo. A lot of 'bigger is better' approach. This movie lacks in nutricion. The story of Titanic however is quite interesting. Of course, that's the one thing that hadn't sprung from these 'creative minds'. In other words, it was easy to create sympathy for this movie. In a few years time, you won't hear people talk about it so much not even as a 'cult', in comparison to other classics. At least, I hope so. There I said my piece.
  7. With a name like mine, you should know better than to 'head' in this direction!
  8. Mine's a dual, they're twice as big but just as hard.
  9. With a face like Maul's, you would prefer to look at his lightsaber wouldn't you. Hmm, I wonder if his *BEEP* has tatoes and spikes on it as well. "Not tonight Maul, I've got a headache!" "Hey look at my head, you think this is comfortable?"
  10. BTW, at first I thought you asked 'Why Revenge of the Sith'? Which would have been a fair question.
  11. Hahaha. He was called Darth Obvious, no Darth Callous, no wait I'll remember uhm...Darth Tedious. Yeah, that was his name. Or was it Darth Funghius? Why did the Sith Lord destroy the universe? Because he was a Funghi.
  12. No I don't agree most of the story is solid enough, the important storylines anyway. It's only when you start digging deper and deeper the holes will reveal themselves (ironically this is usually where it gets interesting isn't it). But then again, it is only one man against a million nitpickers. You will never be smart enough. A bit of slack is deserved I think.
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