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  1. They've been touring a lot, and their latest album was released in 2012, so if a new one will be released this year will make a 3 years gap, they had longer periods between released before (5 years of silence between 2003 and 2008 albums). They released a 3 songs cover EP in 2014, though, with 2 Bad Religion and 1 Pennywise cover songs. Yes the hype they're creating with this song is probably bigger than what it should be, but I love them so the "I hope the song will fulfill the expectation" thing some fan came up with is something I don't care about. I'm open to new sounds so I don't need them to be "sounding like that record" or "like the good old times". People grow up and evolve so it's their music. I like everything they do. But specifically this whole artwork thing is funny, and it sure works in creating hype!
  2. On January 30th American Punk Rock band The Offspring will release a new song titled "Coming For You", and starting from January 8th they began to hype fans with artworks featuring the band's famous Flaming Skull logo, often with quotes from the song's lyrics (and maybe other songs' lyrics for an upcoming album, no further infos have been released yet), including these 3 John Williams scored movies. I'm hoping for Indiana Jones (and possibly Jurassic Park too) in this week left!
  3. Yes I think Elvis Presley might be a good comparison. I don't like his music (apart some few famous songs), and I don't care how bizarre is the way he died, but it's clear how big it's the impact he left on the Music world, even after so many years after his death (same with Beatles and later John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, ect)...you may like or not like his music, but he has been great, without a doubt. Now if you think about it, it's been so many years since we haven't heard about Michael Jackson for his music alone (well, apart his last record which was irrilevant and really far from his golden days), but unfortunately for his troubles and problems. But still, his music has never been forgot and never will. That happens only to Icons, no metter what some "extras" might there be along with it. I didn't get the Jackie Chan similarity, though. Well, he's great in his industry, he'll be remembered as an icon, a great actor and master of martial arts...but why Jackie himself? Bruce Lee seems more fitting if my interpretation's right.
  4. I agree with this. I never really liked him as a person, but there's absolutely no doubt of how he has been a great artist. He has really been the "King of Pop" in his best years, it's too bad that he went to such a decline. Respect to a great artist, may he finally rest in peace now I also think that censorship is one of the worst walls that still resist in this world (at least this virtual one, the internet) that should be free and open to anyone's different opinion. That's so bad.
  5. Probably he's just a last-minute fan... Yeah Mark I guessed that it was only on the mp3s these few extra tracks, since it exceeded the 80 minutes limit...
  6. Which is ? The part referred to Crystal Skull... I didn't know that even a couple of tracks on Crystal Skull were expanded...or it's just on the boot (since it exceed the 80 minutes limit)? The sound quality is great, though. Even if I waited years for all of this, I'm too much curious and could resist and got the mp3s...it will help me untill I buy the actual box-set.
  7. Ahahah...I just started listening to the interviews and it sounded sooo familiar...guess what, it's the same interview of the 2003 Bonus DVD!!! Well at least there's something new towards the end... The rest of the set is just awesome, I'm still not completely realizing that this is all true...I dreamed this for so many years that it's so weird that it's finaly happened...listening expecially to Last Crusade...finally high quality music after many many years of listening the same music in low quality!!
  8. Another Indy movie? Another Indy score!! Yayyyyyyyy Of course I only want the only real Indiana Jones, Mr. Ford.
  9. That wasn't to be noticed in the picture. OK, it's obvious that the material it's identical, but it's weird that the picture it's different than in other places, since it's the official Indy store.
  10. It's from the beginning of this board (and even before) that Joe keeps posting this kind of things. He's so predictable. However, this is curious: I was browsing the official Indiana Jones store and, this the page related to the box-set. Look at the picture. Do you notice anything?
  11. Sooo...tracklists are finally revealed! I missed the board for a (really busy) week and the revelation of the tracklists caused too many pages too read! I got the tracklist post thanks to Romão, I read a couple of pages untill he said that basically both ToD and LC will be about 76 minutes, which is great, and that it seems we're getting LC's "The floor's on fire!" cue, which is greeeat! I always loved that piece, that starts at the very moments in which the Zippo falls into the carpet and starts the fire, I already mentioned it and it should be the same cue it seems we're getting, right? Also, the only thing I missed, and it's crucially important: is King Mark really satisfied with the tracklist? I'm really looking forward to this set, I knew that, after so many years, they must have done something respectable.
  12. I agree, as I said music is the only thing that really counts. But still, Digipacks sucks big time.
  13. What it sucks the most about this is...Digipack...can't stand it! It's horrible! Romão, really the RotCS in Europe is in jewel case? I bought my copy in the States and it's in Digipack (and haven't found the score in stores here). And yeah, they could have made a better artwork for LC, but anyways, music is the most important thing!
  14. Of course I'm with both of you... By the way, it's weird that nobody, in all these years, has been able to fix somehow those bootlegs tracks. What? What is not clear to you? The guy before you understood my thought...
  15. Of course I'm with both of you... By the way, it's weird that nobody, in all these years, has been able to fix somehow those bootlegs tracks. As King Mark said (and I agree with him) I don't think that the KotCS CD will affect the box-set's price. They might be selling it at 5 bucks (or euros...) while I think that ToD and LC (that are the two most wanted expansions) will be like 20 bucks (like they was sold individually). No! <_< Indeed, I hope for that! Also, we already discussed the possible price. Check out this post of mine. I think it's a reasonable thought. Basically 1) because the Indiana Jones' music has never get the proper deserved treatment, and 2) because this is a message board, it's normal that people are worrying about anything. But I'm not really worried, a part the fear of not getting full 80 minutes CDs of ToD and LC. I just want the more music as possible, the more unreleased music as we can get. Nice summary, but I warmly suggest to sit back, relax, and enjoy expecially King Mark's posts, about how the world is going to end if the Temple of Doom CD is going to be only 76 minutes long. Well, about time man...welcome to 13 years after 1995. Why you don't have the other scores on CD? You're older than me!! How can you call yourself a John Williams fan! Thish ish intolerable!! It would be cool, but I won't bet on it. This ain't Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Which is bad, because I honestly think that Star Wars and Indiana Jones are, in John Williams whole career, the two products that showed JW's talent at the best. That's why it's a shame that Indy's music has never got a serious treatment (I mean, no Anthology, no 2 CDs Anniversary releases as Star Wars, etc...). Indy has the more variety and the more different memorable themes that any other JW scores has never has. Every action cue, love theme, characters theme, villain theme, funny cue and so on is memorable. I want everything!!!
  16. Is Tower Records still alive? I though they were out of businness... In 2004, my first time in New York City, I actually bought more CDs in Tower Records (the one that was near the Lincoln Center) than in the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. Man, I got so many JW CDs on my want list that in the first record store I went in, in one of the first days I were there (the Tower one) I bought like 12 or 13 JW CDs. Well, now if I don't find a CD in a store, I buy it through the Internet, but the pleasure of walking in a CD store, browsing the CD covers, find the CD you're searching, pay it and unwrap it to check out the booklet is still something irreplaceable. Downloading (legally or not) is cold... Man, I feel so old-school.
  17. Snakes on a Plane is? No, in fact I didn't say it is. I only mentioned it just because it was referred in the thread title.
  18. Actually that quote isn't as great as you want it to be...
  19. It was 2 months exactly on September 11th, so...it's 2 exact months minus 6 days. Mirko - who is too lazy either.
  20. Yeah, whoever wrote 4 CDs clearly can't count. OK that the interview CD is counted as "bonus" but still that doesn't mean it doesn't have to be counted! We all hope to have 8 CDs, but let's enjoy this release anyways, it's better than nothing. At least, I hope so. They better don't piss us and King Mark off.
  21. The Snakes on a Plane one is way more popular than the other 3 combined.
  22. Indeed. Just including KotCS was silly anyway. It's a CD that anyone's can get anywhere, since it was released just 6 months ago. The box-set should be dedicated to the Trilogy, since it's the Trilogy that need more expanded music, which fans wanted for years. The fourth movie already had a long OST release and it's not historical like the other 3 enough to have fans dying for more music from it. So yeah, I know they should spend a little few more and give us a really complete release, wih tracks as originally recorded and without the usual useless edits. But we also know that 99% of the times releases doesn't work as we want and as they should work. The Floor's on fire! I want thaaat!!! I mean, the track.
  23. You watch waaay too much sci-fi, dude. Please get back on Earth. We waited too many years for such a release like this, and given the fact that Indy's music always had very poor treatment (only one expanded disc out of three movies, and that after 14 years) compared for example to Star Wars' music, that sometimes I still can't believe that finally we'll be getting new music from Temple of Doom and Last Crusade. So that's why I think it's impossible to get a 2 CDs releases for these two movies. Dreaming is beautiful, but reality is different. We must be glad that at least we're getting a release like this, no matter what. "Thish ish intolerable!"
  24. Why wanting a Dialogue Version on CD? Can't you just record that by yourself from the DVD?
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