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    Well, that's a pretty close-minded point of view. Tattoos are not trendy nor new, it's something that has been done for millenniums. If someone gets a tattoo because "it's trendy" just to to copy someone else it's just stupid and a lack of personality. I see tattoos as a type of art, not much different from a painting exposed in a museum. It's something painted on your skin. I like colors so I like to get a bit of colors on me, paying tribute to some of my lifetime passions. It's obviously all personal, not exhibitionism, I'd never tattoo something I don't love or believe in. If one don't like tattoos I respect that (my Mom doesn't like them, she's annoyed every time I get a new one but in the end she respect my life and my point of view too), but it's definitely not something that's "popular these days".
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