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  1. Hello gang! So for a while now we've had a thread for Indiana Jones music where many members made mockups based off the sheet music for music written that wasn't on the Concord box set - or even in the films themselves. We ever had one member, airmanjerm, make two recordings himself of music from the movie. It was a great thread, but it kind of died down when the hype surrounding the box set did, as well as when simply most of the unreleased music had come out. Since that time, sheet music for many, many other scores has trickled its way down, and I get sent more and more mockups all the time. So I wanted to create a thread where members could post their mockups here directly, where everyone can enjoy them as well as comment on them, share constructive criticism, etc. I just have 3 basic rules: 1. Please upload your own work only! Don't upload other people's stuff unless you have their explicit permission. 2. Make sure your upload ONLY contains your mock-up/recording - don't upload a file that contains copyrighted material (ie, music from an OST or a DVD/video game rip) mixed with your mockup, or it will be deleted. The PM system can be used to share those versions. 3. Please use multiupload to upload your file. This not only creates a "direct download" link that doesn't require a 45 second (or more!) wait, but it dupes the upload to 6 other sites so the links will be around for a while. http://www.multiupload.com/ Without further ado, let me be the first to contribute. Note I didn't make these myself, but do have permission to post them: John Williams - Attack of the Clones 2m2 Palpatine's Plotting - section removed from the final film: http://www.sendspace.com/file/s7daeh 7m3 Finale - original section replaced by 7m3 Insert http://www.sendspace.com/file/w2kav7 EDIT: Here is a list of request mockups, grouped by priority: Priority 1 - Likely never even recorded, or recorded but isn't in the film or on CD/boots/video games 1975 - Jaws 1m6s Typewriter Chord 1984 - Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom 1m7/2m1 Through Chinatown [bars 52-55] 2m3b Snowbank Sweetener 5m1 Entrance Of The Boy King 5m2b Exchange Of Glances 9m2 Willy In The Fryer [this one is partially used in film, but is mostly missing] 1989 - Indiana Jones and the The Last Crusade 7m2 Insert #2 11m4/12m1 The Canyon Of The Crescent Moon [first minute of the cue only, the rest is in the film and on CD] 10m1 Insert 2 10m1 Insert 3 10m1 Insert A 1991 - Hook 13m2 To War!! [original bar 37ish section only] 15m2 The End Of Hook [bars 27-40] 1993 - Jurassic Park 9m2 The T-Rex Chase [sections from beginning and end missing from film] 12m2 Hungry Raptor [sections from beginning and end missing from film] 1997 - The Lost World 6M2-7M1 Pt I Up in a Basket [section missing from film only] 6M2-7M1 Pt II Up in a Basket 10M1 Rialto Ripples [sections missing from film only] 11M3-12M1 High Bar and Ceiling Tiles [sections missing from film only] 12M3 Ludlow's Speech [ending only] 12M5 Monster on the Loose [section missing in film only] 14M2 The Saving Dart [ending only] 2001 - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 2m4 Insert Diagon Alley Reveal Quidditch and the Great Gryffindor Victory 2002 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 1m1 Prologue: Book II [sections that weren't revised only] 2004 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban 02 1M3A That's a Lie 03 1M4X Aunt Marge Points the Finger 10 1M9B Second Collision [ending only] 14 2M3 The Train to Hogwarts Version II 24 3MC Befriending the Hippogriff [last third of the cue] 30 3M7A Clown Out of the Cupboard [beginning only] 29 3M7X New Beginning 32 3M10 Remembering Mother 36 3ME The Great Hall Ceiling [ending only] 39 4M2 Quidditch 2004 [ending only] 40 4M2XV Choral Overlay 41 4M3+4 Enter Winter [first half] 42 4M3+4 New Woods Walk and Birds Flight [first half] 43 4M5 Map to Snow Scene 45 4M10 Brief Snow Scene [section at end] 48 4M14 Dueling the Dementor 49 4M14 Insert for Patronus Light 50 5M1 Buckbeak's Sentence [section at end] 51 5M2 Reading the Map [section near beginning] 52 5M2A Reveal Your Secret54 5M5 The Crystal Ball [section] 61 6M2 The Confrontation Scene [sections removed from film] 62 6M4 Sirius and Harry [last two thirds] 66 6M5AN First Frozen Lake 69 7M1A Saving Buckbeak [ending only] 72 7M2A String Overlay 73 7M3 Buckbeak Saves the Day [opening only] 78 7M7 Ext Whomping Willow 80 7M9 Lupin's Departure [opening only] 81 7M11 A New Broomstick 2005 - Revenge Of The Sith 1m4A "Get 'Em R-2!" [bars cut from film only] 4m6 I Am The Senate [ending only] Revenge Of The Sith (DVD Version) [original opening only] 2005 - Memoirs Of A Geisha Somebody other than me will have to figure out this one! Priority 2 - Only available recording is in the film itself, probably covered by sound effects 1984 - Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom 2m2a Bar 34 Insert 2m2b Bar 76 Insert 2m4 The Indian Village 3m1 The Old Priest's Tale 3m2 The Child Returns 3m2a Alternate Beginning 5m1x The Emperor's Entrance 5m2a The First Supper 7m2 More Sacrifice 7m1a Sacrifice Sweetener 7m1d Percussion Sweetener - One 7m2d Percussion Sweetener - Two 7m3d Percussion Sweetener - Three 7m4/8m1 Insert 8m2 Moloram's Speech 8m3 The Evil Potion 9m1x Sacrifice Continued 11m1 Insert 1989 - Indiana Jones and the The Last Crusade 1m4-2m1x Sweetener 5m3 Intro 9m2 Final Ending 10m1 Insert 2 10m3-11m1 Insert 1 10m3-11m1 Insert 2 1991 - Hook 13m2 Insert Bar 37 13m3 Insert 1993 - Jurassic Park 1m1 Incident at Isla Nublar [final note only] 1m2 The Encased Mosquito 2m1 The Entrance of Mr. Hammond 3m3 Cartoon Demonstration 4m2 You Bred Raptors 5m1 The History Lesson 6m3 The Coming Storm 8m1 The Trouble with Dennis 9m2 The T-Rex Chase 11m1 12m2 Hungry Raptor 1997 - The Lost World 4M1 Fire at Camp 4M2 Corporate Choppers 5M2 Big Feet 5M3-6M1 Spilling Petrol 5M3-6M1 Pt II Horning In 6M2-7M1 Pt I Up in a Basket 7M2-8M1 Pain of Glass 8M2 Truck Stop [section dialed out of OST only] 8M3 Reading the Map 10M1 Rialto Ripples 11M3-12M1 High Bar and Ceiling Tiles 12M3 Ludlow's Speech 12M5 Monster on the Loose Priority 3 - The recording has appeared on bootlegs 1989 - Indiana Jones and the The Last Crusade 2m3-3m1 Sinister Visitors 3m2a The Holy Grail 4m2 Beneath The Floors 6m2 Discussing The Book 6m2x New Ending 6m3 6m4 Market Source 8m2 Koeniggraetzer March 9m2 New Ending 10m1 Insert 1 10m1 Fix for Bar 65 12m2 The Penitent Man Will Pass 1991 - Hook 4M5-5M1 Revised Ending 9M4 Insert 13M1 Tink Grows Up 15m2 The End Of Hook
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