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Found 3 results

  1. O.K. The guy deserves his own. He's the next Giacchino, who is the next John Williams. So basically HE IS John Williams. I just actually really want to know what's going on with the Mercenaries 2 score. It's not up on iTunes yet.
  2. I noticed that there isn't a thread for this show here, so thought I'd start one. I just finished watching the second episode of Season 2 and wanted to know what other people's thoughts of this show are? There will be spoilers... I watched the first season on DVD which I think helped me appreciate it more than I would've on a week to week basis. The show started fairly strong, with a premise that was part X-Files, part Alias and part LOST. The "monster-of-the-week" format really doesn't do much for me these days, I guess because I'm such a follower of serialised shows like LOST, so the first half of the season really took some warming to. I didn't dislike the characters; I particularly loved Walter Bishop and found him a refreshing and entertaining main character, but Peter's pessimism annoyed me and Olivia didn't seem any deeper than a Sydney Bristow clone. The personal development of these people really wasn't touched on to begin with which was disappointing - the most entertaining part of Sydney Bristow's character when Alias started was her strained relationship with her dad juxtaposed with her friends and her love interest, and they were all fleshed out early on. Same with LOST, which was character first, mystery second, at least to start with). However, the show really hit its stride in the latter half of the season when the seemingly unrelated "Fringe" incidents took shape and became tied to the mythology. Some awesome revelations took place which gave the characters a lot more weight (though Olivia's discovery that she was experimented on as a child echoed Sydney's childhood more than a little bit) and it became an exciting and intriguing show. Some truly interesting characters popped up too, mainly Nina Sharp and William Bell (the always excellent Leonard Nimoy, albeit in a brief appearance in the last episode). The second season started well - though the second episode is once again a standalone monster affair - and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here, and just what the writers have in store. So... Anyone else watch the show?
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