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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, people...I'm back! Anyway, way back in the year 1977 (the same year that George Lucas' original Star Wars movie came out on 32 to 40 movie theaters and unexpectedly became the most gigantic hit of the land during the summer of 1977 and the following years), while working on the classic science fiction movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"... Filmmaker Steven Spielberg and his music composer John Williams had this Disney song in mind: The very sounds of Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards as Jiminy Cricket singing the song "When You Wish Upon a Star" from 1940's Pinocchio and written by Ned Washington and Leigh Harline. Here's more info about that song as well as the lyrics and the linked video: https://www.songfacts.com/facts/cliff-edwards/when-you-wish-upon-a-star Classic, isn't it, folks? Anyway, I don't know about you guys, but as for me... Just as both Steven Spielberg and John Williams had the Disney song "When You Wish Upon a Star" from 1940's Pinocchio in mind while working on Close Encounters of the Third Kind way back in 1977... As for myself, in more modern times like this, and I hate to be off-topic here, but while I was working on a rather whimsical idea involving three young men or brothers who flew themselves through outer space in a flying white Chevrolet Equinox car to escape the turmoil into which the planet Earth has fallen... I was looking for a song that could help connect any or all of my ideas and concepts and elements that I was trying to assemble for 14 years and counting and help meld any or all of them into a unified whole, and what I always have in mind could well be one of my favorite songs from my own childhood. And that song I'm talking about in question could be "Dreams to Dream (Tanya's Version)" as sung by The Powerpuff Girls' Blossom's original voice actress Cathy Cavadini and written by the late James Horner and Will Jennings for the rather obscure and forgotten 1991 Steven Spielberg-produced animated movie An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. You see, every time I hear Fievel's sister Tanya's version of the song "Dreams to Dream" from the movie "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West", as sung by Cathy Cavadini, I hope that everything will fall into place very soon as far as my dream epic movie project, the title of which I have yet to finalize, and especially as far as giving the epic movie or story of my dreams the hook I'm looking for. . But in addition to Tanya's version of Dreams to Dream as sung by Cathy Cavadini in the actual An American Tail: Fievel Goes West movie itself... There is also the version as sung in the end credits of that movie by Linda Ronstadt... As well as the rendition of that song as heard in the An American Tail: A Musical Adventure with Fievel and Friends companion soundtrack album that they put out around the time of Fievel Goes West's 1991 theatrical release. Beautiful song, isn't it, folks? Anyway, and I hate to be off-topic once again, but I was thinking... Not only I wanted to pretty much hang the epic film or story of my dreams on the mood that song "Dreams to Dream (Tanya's Version)" from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West created, and especially the way it affected me personally and emotionally, but if I do, say, use the actual vintage Cathy Cavadini recording of Tanya's version of the song "Dreams to Dream" from Fievel Goes West on the soundtrack during one sequence for my dream epic movie when the Chevrolet Equinox car magically flies away from Earth's atmosphere to ride towards outer space -- then in effect, [almost] similar to how John Williams' music score for Steven Spielberg's 1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind quoted Disney's Pinocchio's When You Wish Upon A Star, my possible usage of "Dreams to Dream (Tanya's Version)" by Cathy Cavadini from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West in my dream epic film -- especially on the soundtrack during one such sequence for such a thing where the Chevrolet Equinox car (with the aforementioned three young men or brothers inside) magically flies away from Earth towards outer space -- well, all that could hopefully turn an already beautiful piece of music from some obscure and forgotten animated movie produced by Steven Spielberg at the beginning of the 1990s, ( in my case, "Dreams to Dream (Tanya's Version)" from 1991's An American Tail: Fievel Goes West) into something even more breathtakingly beautiful than what it already is, especially through a different environment like outer space. But even so, then, I will always have the song "Dreams to Dream" (especially the version sung by Cathy Cavadini as Fievel's sister Tanya Mousekewtiz) from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West in my mind not only for my dream epic film production, but also for that flying Chevrolet Equinox car space travel scene that I hope to include in my dream epic movie idea, similar to the way that Steven Spielberg and John Williams always had the Disney song "When You Wish Upon a Star" from 1940's Pinocchio in their minds while they were working on the 1977 classic sci-fi movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Anyway, apologies for the long post, but the question is: What would you really think if you happen to hear the song "Dreams to Dream (Tanya's Version)" from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West playing on the soundtrack during a scene in my dream epic movie where the Chevrolet Equinox car (with three young men or brothers inside the vehicle) flies or rides through outer space on the big movie theater screen and especially with the likes of Disney/Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic (or ILM for short) or someplace contributing some breathtakingly beautiful effects movie magic to such a scene as the Chevrolet Equinox car magically flying through space set to Cathy Cavadini's rendition of Tanya's version of the song Dreams to Dream from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West playing on the soundtrack? Well, wouldn't all that be breathtakingly beautiful or something else entirely if such a movie scene ever do come true? Just wondering...
  2. As companions to the Star Wars suites recorded by Mehta an Gerhardt, two different suites from Close Encounters of the Third Kind were presented in those LPs from 1977. Mehta’s version is 13 minutes long, while Gerhardt’s is much longer, up to 21 minutes, and it specifies the titles of its sections: Barnstorming - Arrival of the Mother Ship - The Pilots’ Return - The Visitors - Final Scene. Both versions offer what they seem to be real voices singing in appointed passages, though no choir ensembles are credited. Now I humbly demand the help from jwfan.com scholars, regarding the authorship of both suites. As it has been demonstrated that Williams himself is responsible for the Star Wars suites concert arrangements, it is logic to assume that the composer also prepared the material for, at least, Mehta’s recording. Gerhardt’s version seems very more doubtful to me. Certain experts accuse Gerhardt of freely expanding his Battle for the Star Wars suite. Could he do the same thing when preparing the suite for CEOT3K, with the conductor choosing the material for the piece, or maybe Williams also approved this quite different presentation? As far as I know, Mehta’s and Gerhardt’s suites are unique in the history of recordings. In 1980, Williams composed new music for a new scene in a new version of the film (the revealed interior of the mothership), and he created a new suite including this material, 10 minutes long, and recorded it twice, in the albums Pops in Space [1980] and The Spielberg / Williams Collaboration [1991]. Some years afterwards (and this is speculation), Williams arranged another CEOT3K suite, much shorter and with no mothership’s interior material and no chorus in the palette, about 8 minutes long. This last suite could have been created when Williams was providing material for printed editions under his signature. The first recording I know of was made by Gustavo Dudamel for the cd Celebrating John Williams [2019], but I am quite convinced that the suite was in circulation in concerts quite long before, since in 2008 Stephen Bulla arranged a version for winds, offered in the recordings from John Williams and the President’s Own [2021]. Williams himself employed the version for full orchestra in his concert in Vienna, registered in cd in 2020.
  3. Hi to all JWFN members. It is great to see such dedication and knowledge to the man who has scored more than just the movies. On that note The History Press and I would like to share word of a new book published now in the UK and September 1st 2018 in the US. John Williams is the spine and soul of this book. Mark O’Connell didn’t want to be Luke Skywalker. He wanted to be one of the mop-haired kids on the Star Wars toy commercials. And he would have done it had his parents had better pine furniture and a condo in California. Star Wars, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Superman didn’t just change cinema – they made lasting highways into our childhoods, toy boxes and video stores like never before. In Watching Skies, O’Connell pilots a gilded X-Wing flight through that shared universe of bedroom remakes of Return of the Jedi, close encounters with Christopher Reeve, sticker album swaps, the trauma of losing an entire Star Wars figure collection and honeymooning on Amity Island. From the author of Catching Bullets – Memoirs of a Bond Fan, Watching Skies is a timely hologram from all our memory systems. It is about how George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, a shark, two motherships, some gremlins, ghostbusters and a man of steel jumped a whole generation to hyperspace*. *Action figures sold separately. From examining his contributions to these key films, the soundtracks to broken homes and the VHS revolution to seeing the musical DNA from JANE EYRE all the way through to ATTACK OF THE CLONES, WATCHING SKIES is as much about John Williams as it is Spielberg, Lucas and Donner. It is about how 'Leaving Home' was exactly the cue going through the author's life and mind when he did just that, how the 'Love Theme from Superman' had to be played at a Pinewood Studios wedding, how 'ET and Me' scored a divorce and how a honeymoon on Amity Island couldn't help but hear those JAWS 2 harps at every street corner and beach rock. Were it not for the work of Williams, this book and these movies would not exist with the same legacy they have today. WATCHING SKIES - STAR WARS, SPIELBERG AND US is available now. WATCHING SKIES on Facebook WATCHING SKIES on Twitter For more about WATCHING SKIES and author Mark O'Connell
  4. Tim Burden, famous radio and film music host has interviewed Mike Matessino in London, England.The first excerpt of this interview laced with John Williams music. Film Music Historian and Soundtrack Producer Mike Matessino speaks with me about the recent La La Land Records 35th Anniversary release of John Williams' E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Discovering an exciting alternate take of a key scene and cue is one item discussed. The full-length interview is coming soon . P.S. A clip about the equally brilliant CE3K will be posted this weekend.-Tim Burden on Facebook.
  5. So on November 16 Close Encounters will be 40 years old, do you guys think we will get it complete? I have the Original Vinyl Pressing, The Expanded edition from 97 I believe, I also got the SACD from 2015. If anything this is a job for La La Land or Intrada. Do you guys think it's time for the complete release? Does anybody have any news on it maybe coming out? Anything?
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