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Found 4 results

  1. Hi to all JWFN members. It is great to see such dedication and knowledge to the man who has scored more than just the movies. On that note The History Press and I would like to share word of a new book published now in the UK and September 1st 2018 in the US. John Williams is the spine and soul of this book. Mark O’Connell didn’t want to be Luke Skywalker. He wanted to be one of the mop-haired kids on the Star Wars toy commercials. And he would have done it had his parents had better pine furniture and a condo in California. Star Wars, Jaws, Close Encounters of th
  2. Hello, people...I'm back! Anyway, way back in the year 1977 (the same year that George Lucas' original Star Wars movie came out on 32 to 40 movie theaters and unexpectedly became the most gigantic hit of the land during the summer of 1977 and the following years), while working on the classic science fiction movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"... Filmmaker Steven Spielberg and his music composer John Williams had this Disney song in mind: The very sounds of Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards as Jiminy Cricket singing the song "When
  3. Tim Burden, famous radio and film music host has interviewed Mike Matessino in London, England.The first excerpt of this interview laced with John Williams music. Film Music Historian and Soundtrack Producer Mike Matessino speaks with me about the recent La La Land Records 35th Anniversary release of John Williams' E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Discovering an exciting alternate take of a key scene and cue is one item discussed. The full-length interview is coming soon . P.S. A clip about the equally brilliant CE3K will be posted this weekend.-Ti
  4. So on November 16 Close Encounters will be 40 years old, do you guys think we will get it complete? I have the Original Vinyl Pressing, The Expanded edition from 97 I believe, I also got the SACD from 2015. If anything this is a job for La La Land or Intrada. Do you guys think it's time for the complete release? Does anybody have any news on it maybe coming out? Anything?
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