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Found 8 results

  1. John Williams has a lot of influences, almost too many to take in at once. This thread then is really about appreciating some of the composers who came before him. The question I have for you is not "who were Williams' influences?" but "who of any of Williams's influences seems to lend to what you most love about him?" Who's that composer who, in a way, inspired you through Williams' music? If you're not sure how to answer, name as many as you'd like, but try to narrow it down to what styles from which composers might it be you love so much
  2. Hello! I am a huge fan of Justin Hurwitz. Anyone else?
  3. A lot has been said and written about long lasting collaborations between directors and composers. Not less interesting are directors with lots of different choices. I came across a director who hired the following gentlemen for his scores: Klaus Badelt, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Maurice Jarre, Ennio Morricone, James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri Any guesses? Sorry if it's a lame one, but I thought it's fascinating.
  4. I really enjoyed SCORE A Film Music Documentary. As you would expect, this is basically a documentary about two things, the history of film scores and the experiences of noteworthy composers who score film music. The two topics are balanced nicely. So you get quite a bit of commentary from a composer about their influences along with their process. As most already know, John Williams, who occupies a significant portion of the documentary does not provide any new input which would have been great but is not surprising given his age, schedule, personality, and stature. I particularly enjoye
  5. Thought we should start a general thread on any theory/composition sources we find on film music so they can all be found in one place. Here's one that was just posted yesterday on two-chord progressions and their associations, especially in Hollywood blockbusters. If you're musically literate, you'll want to skip ahead to 5:39, or if you haven't seen the "MnM" kind of notation before, start at 2:28:
  6. Hello JWFAN, This event is now SOLD OUT! I believe this is my first post though I've been a lurking for 11 years. I mostly post on the FSM board under drivingmissdaisy. I wanted to announce my 5th Annual FFM event. You may have heard about our previous events in which we had the likes of John Debney, Richard M. Sherman, Graeme Revell, William Ross, John Ottman, Stu Phillips, Tyler Bates, Brian Tyler, Christopher Young and about 30 other wonderful composers. If you are interested in coming email me and I can give you more info on how to request seats which I'll start doing in a couple of wee
  7. ... without looking at the credits? Can you tell by ears alone?
  8. This is a new song I created, for a "planned" movie. It plays as Alex Harper (a character based on Tintin) walks out of class clutching one-half of the treasure map that leads to a school treasure. However, Alex and his friends, Cassandra and Archie (archibald Haddock, anyone?) run into Allan, the school bully. They start arguing, and during that, Alex drops the paper, which is promptly picked up by an elementary student who runs off with it. Shortly, Alex and Allan find that it's missing and chase after the kid into the school fare. After Alex catches the kid in slow motion (Pursuit of the F
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