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Found 1 result

  1. Didn't we have a thread about this yet? According to the search function, @crocodile listening to it yesterday is the only time the score has been mentioned since April - but I'm pretty sure I remember us talking about it when the Quartet release was announced? Anyway, thanks to a FLAC of the main title on the new release kindly provided to me, I've done a comparison between the old Retrograde (top) and the new Quartet (bottom) release: Three observations: The Retrograde is more immediate/hotter. That seems to fit the music just fine though. The new Quartet seems slightly flat in comparison. Aside from that, the mix sounds the same. The Quartet runs minimally faster. By the end of the cue, they've clearly drifted apart. They seem to have the exact same pitch though? (I've trimmed a bit of silence at the beginning to synchronise the start) The Retrograde has a fade out at the end, whereas the Quartet continues the final loop a few more times until the cue's proper end! I think I prefer the sound of the old release. I'm certainly used to it. But I very much like the fact that the Quartet skips the fade out. It's hard to justify getting the new one just for that though. Has anyone here bought the new release who is also familiar with the old one?
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