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  1. Discuss music for any Godzilla movie/anime here. Please refrain from spoilers as long as a movie or series is still fresh and not released worldwide (like GvK right now: no release date in Europe due Covid 19), thanks! Let me start with Holkenborg's Godzilla vs. Kong: A huge disappointment to me, mainly because of an uninspired theme for Godzilla. Kong's theme is better (maybe because of the little girl's bond to Kong as seen in trailers) but the bulk of the score is quite generic and nondescript action stuff which could be from any other action movie. Rarely there is a "monstrous" feel to the music. But since I cannot see the movie in Switzerland right now, the music is all there is to get my Godzilla vs. Kong fix and I listen to it plenty (but with none of the joy I had listening to McCreary's KOTM when it was fresh and new. Here's looking forward to the music from the Netflix series Godzilla Singular Point.
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