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Found 3 results

  1. This was a total surprise. I was at the offices of The Korea Times in Seoul earlier today doing some research into the 1969 hijacking of an airliner by North Korea (that's one of the articles I photographed) and also some violence committed in 1999 by one of the many cults Korea has produced when I stumbled upon a Williams article about his work on The Phantom Menace. Interestingly, he mentions Princess Leia's Theme, but it sounds like he just meant that some of his original trilogy themes make brief appearances and not Princess Leia's Theme per se - "Princess Leia's Theme or whatever". Yoda's Theme and an obvious quote of Darth Vader's Theme do make the briefest of appearances in "The Queen Confers" just before the end. But is it possible there is also a brief Princess Leia quote in the unreleased/unused material? Perhaps in reference to her mother? Probably not... It's an AP article, so it's probably been seen already by some here, but here it is again.... 1999, when Williams was 66 and still very much a youngling.
  2. Hey, I thought of starting a separate thread for Films On Wax. I know it all might come off as a bit annoying but it's probably more convenient some of my (and Charlie's and Mikko's) stuff in one place, given that we all originate from JWFan. Hope you don't mind. We've been doing articles, reviews and some interviews in the past (bit inconsistently lately, I agree). And one of our recent things is starting a new podcast series. Charlie has been doing those (and some audio reviews) for some time now. We tried it once before with one Halloween podcasts (along with a couple of our friends) but this is the first one we're doing together and, hopefully, it might become a major vehicle for all our content. It wasn't necessarily planned in detail, we just sort of talked over Skype about stuff. The entire recording was about 85-minutes long so there was a lot of stuff cut (among those highlights were, of course, the Illuminati revelations, a transmission from a occult human sacrifice ceremony and bit of steamy webcam action). Anyway, in the first episode we talk a bit about some new scores: Djawadi's Warcraft, Newman's Finding Dory, Tyler's Now You See Me 2 and Independence Day: Resurgence. These are mostly just quick comments. Perhaps we'll go a bit more in-depth next time. And we talk a bit about the sad anniversary of James Horner's passing. And some other and stuff. Obviously, there is a lot to be improved. Certainly, I'm not the best orator out there and it feels really self-conscious to speak in a non-native language and try to be coherent. Plus, we'll probably work on our issues along the way (certainly mine!). Next one shall be better (I hope). It's all about learning after all. (And yes, I do realised there is a link to that in the other thread. But I'm just annoying like this) Karol
  3. A brief but lovely new interview with John Williams about E.T. http://www.filmmusicsociety.org/news_events/features/2012/101012.html
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