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Found 4 results

  1. Hey!I'm Frederic Bernard, 28 years old composer and orchestrator from Germany! What a wonderful forum - glad I'm not the only one who adores JW!!I'd love to introduce my website to you guys:fredericbernardmusic.comPS: always looking forward for any feedback/critique; regarding the music, the website or just anything else! best,Frederic
  2. Hello everyone! I’m Szabó Péter, but you can call me Peti. I’m from a small historical town called Szentendre (dating back to the Roman Empire) in Hungary. I am 27, I’m an electrical engineer, and I’m a John Williams fan and film-music enthusiast (DUh :D). I’ve been a fan of the maestro since I was 5 (1993), albeit indirectly at first. There was no internet back then, and I was a very little child, so I couldn’t really make connections, but I knew I loved Jurassic Park, the first movie I’ve seen in a movie theatre, and the VHS collection of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. These were the
  3. Maclaine

    Hello all

    Howdy folks. I'm new to forum officially, but not new to this site. I've come across it many times over the years as I poked around the internet for information about our favorite composer. I'm not sure why I didn't sign up sooner, but regardless, I'm glad to see this site still seems to be thriving. I've been here a lot over the last few weeks as I obsess over the new Star Wars score. I wouldn't have known about the FYC version if it wasn't for this place, so I'm very thankful! A little about me, I suppose: I'm a composer, working primarily in video ga
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