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Found 50 results

  1. To clarify, I'm just having a bit of a fun here and not trying to spark debate. I just heard Goldsmith's Air Force One theme played during Trump's entrace in the short video clip in this article
  2. Folks, I present to you my latest interview with Album Producer and Editor NEIL S. BULK being spotlighted at www. JerryGoldsmithonline.com website: THE MAKING OF TOTAL RECALL & BASIC INSTINCT: NEIL S. BULK RECALL’S FILM MUSIC WHOLE SALE! http://jerrygoldsmithonline.com/spotlight_neilsbulk_interview.htm (This was supposed to run early few months back but got delayed due to some external factors. However, www.JerryGoldsmithonline.com has graciously hosted this as a special spotlight feature ) Hope you Enjoy! best, Amer
  3. SAMPLES: http://www.intrada.net/sound/NIMH_JG.m3u ORDER LINKS: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.9739/.f http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/29618 http://www.musicbox-records.com/en/cd-soundtracks/2176-the-secret-of-nimh.html http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M10024/secret-of-nimh/
  4. Hey all, I'm doing an assignment for my uni course and thought the knowledgeable members of JWFan could help with this particular detail. I'm analyzing a sequence from the film, the Chest-burster scene and the funeral of John Hurt's character, Kane. The funeral scene is underscored with one of my all-time favourite cues: 'Nothing to Say'. Anyhow, the assignment requires that I analyse the use of music for the scene and this is where I became stuck, particularly because of my terrible apprehension of the difference between instruments. Does anyone here know of the instrumentation and orchestration of this cue and in particular the statement of the main theme?
  5. Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape! http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/planet-of-the-apes-live-92567?dt=2015-08-28 28th August 2015, Royal Festival Hall, London. Robert Ziegler conducts the BBC Concert Orchestra. Bring your own mixing bowls and ram's horns.
  6. http://www.kritzerland.com/rio_conchos.htm http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/28147 http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.9234/.f?sc=13&category=21780 http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M09572/rioconchos1964/
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, young and old, this may already seem an unusual procedure for me to speak to you all before we begin this memorial/appreciation topic about even the music of a certain dead film and television music composer, but... I know this film and TV composer guy has been dead for a decade already but I am a great fan of this guy's scoring style. In fact, according to TV Tropes, this guy "was a very prolific composer so awesome he even scared the hell out of his peers....He was known for his thunderous, percussive orchestrations, his love for strange musical instruments, and his inventive integration of synthesizers as the 'fifth element' of the orchestra." And so, to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the death and passing of this legendary film and TV maestro back in 2004, let us talk about and even appreciate the music of Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004), especially his music for film, TV, etc. Let the Jerry Goldsmith Memorial Appreciation begin!
  8. I've seen some topics that are related to this, but I'm curious more specific to concert performance. What themes, end credit suites, cues, etc. are on your wish list to be performed live?? I've never heard any of the Wrath of Khan Main TItle, Epilogue and End Credits suite as recorded by several orchestras, notably the Cincinatti Pops. Would love to have seen Jerry conduct The Enterprise from The Motion Picture. Some of the television series themes would be amazing in concert.
  9. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.8815/.f?sc=13&category=-113 http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/27320/ http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M09437/deep-rising/
  10. http://secure.campaigner.com/Campaigner/Public/t.show?6d97v--3fzp7-ag4f6q6&_v=2
  11. While reading Filmtracks I stumbled upon a discussion where these two Youtube videos from Jerry Goldsmith's The River Wild recording sessions were linked. Part of this material is seen in the old JG Film Music Masters documentary but this is, I believe the actual raw footage from various parts of the sessions from the opening tuning to recording booth discussions between JG and director Curtis Hanson. There is over an hour's worth of it in 2 parts. Fascinating stuff seeing how the scoring proceeds and how meticulous the crafting of a cue can be! Part 1 Part 2
  12. This isn't being officially announced until tonight at midnight PST (3am ET), but the cover art has already leaked So the circle is complete!
  13. So...I've never been a great fan of Jerry Goldsmith, but I think it's more out of a lack of familiarity than any perceived defect in his work. I'm also interested in experiencing for myself how his technique and approach differs from Williams. I think my lack of familiarity probably stems from the fact that he scored so many bad movies, or at least has that stigma. So I want to know--what are some of the best films that he worked on? Or films that would have been mediocre without his score? For a frame of reference, I've seen Patton and Planet of the Apes and liked them both (films and scores).
  14. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.7973/.f http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M08775/gladiator1992/ http://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/24128/
  15. Hi people! I had the chance to interview Joe Dante on the 7th of June during a spanish film festival named "Nocturna". I would like to share the conversation with you, in which we spoke about his movies, his collaboration with Jerry Goldsmith and Javier Navarrete and movie business. Check it out at http://golfasesion.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/entrevista-a-dante/ Thanks for reading. I appreciate the feedback. Enjoy!
  16. Also Lukas Kendall has chimed in, in regards to the rejected score for Seven Days In May http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=95437&forumID=1&archive=0
  17. Hello all, I've seen almost NO DISCUSSION of this title AT ALL, despite it being a holy grail for a lot of people for a long time! So what do you think of Intrada's new release? How is the previously unreleased music, and the new listening experience as a whole? How did Intrada do with the packaging and liners? Please share your thoughts!
  18. This one of my favorite sports related scores. Happy to see the complete score available. I strongly disagree with those who say this is ruined by the electronics, for a basketball junkie like me they make this score a true roundball soundtrack.
  19. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION: Volume One: The Rarities Newly Recorded Music by Jerry Goldsmith $15.95 CD STARTS SHIPPING ON 6/19/2012 You can order this title from INTRADA by going here: http://buysoundtrax....gocovoonra.html This title is now available on ITUNES for download http://itunes.apple....ion/id532298326 International customers who are unable to download these tracks from ITUNES US or AMAZON US should refer to your nearest international ITUNES or AMAZON provider to download this titles from. AUDIO SAMPLES SEVEN DAYS IN MAY SHAMUS-Main Title [media=]http://buysound.webjedi.net/Goldsmith_Audio/shamus.mp3 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY-The Unused Score THE SAND PEBBLES [media=]http://buysound.webjedi.net/Goldsmith_Audio/Sand_Pebbles.mp3 BuySoundtrax Records is proud to announce the release of THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES digitally beginning May 31st and will also be available at http://www.buysoundtrax.com and other soundtrack retailers beginning June 19, 2012. The album features 'new recordings of rarely heard originals, and fresh takes on Goldsmith classics," as described in the liner notes by noted film music journalist Jon Burlingame. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES features 23 tracks of new recordings of some of Goldsmith's rarely heard themes including a NEW recording of the score for SEVEN DAYS IN MAY arranged by Dominik Hauser, the main title for SHAMUS, the composer's unused theme for the modern crime thriller 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY, "Comes The Night" from the rarely screened spy thriller SEBASTIAN, the theme from RIO CONCHOS in an exciting arrangement from composer Chuck Cirino, arranger Joohyun Park's fresh takes on PSYCHO II and WARLOCK, vocalist Katie Campbell's interpretation of the theme from THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, and "If We Could Remember", a song from one of the composer's final films, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES also includes music from SHAMUS, CHINATOWN, THE DETECTIVE, THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER, THE VANISHING, A PATCH OF BLUE, THE SAND PEBBLES, PLAYERS, THE OMEN, PAPILLON, POLTERGEIST and a new performance of the composer's Toccata for Solo Guitar performed by Gregg Nestor, who also performs on the main title for RIO LOBO. Jerry Goldsmith was born in 1929 and as a child studied piano, composition and theory. After a stint taking classes in film composition taught by Miklós Rózsa at USC, he attended Los Angeles College. In 1950, Goldsmith was hired by CBS as a clerk typist for the music department. It was at CBS that he would get his start writing music for several television series. In the early 1960s, Goldsmith moved more into the feature film realm, earning widespread acclaim for his score for the western LONELY ARE THE BRAVE and his first Academy Award nomination in 1962 with FREUD. Throughout his long career, Goldsmith would be nominated 17 more times, for A PATCH OF BLUE, THE SAND PEBBLES, PLANET OF THE APES, PATTON, PAPILLON, CHINATOWN, THE WIND AND THE LION, THE OMEN (nominated for original song and earning the award for Original Score), THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, POLTERGEIST, UNDER FIRE, HOOSIERS, BASIC INSTINCT, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and MULAN. He would also earn 5 Emmy Awards, for THE RED PONY, QB VII, BABE, MASADA and STAR TREK: VOYAGER. His credits also include beloved films and cult classics such as GREMLINS, RUDY, THE SECRET OF NIMH, FIRST BLOOD, TOTAL RECALL, BASIC INSTINCT, THE MUMMY, LOGAN'S RUN, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY and ALIEN. Jon Burlingame writes, "this collection of newly recorded Goldsmith gems reminds us -- as if we needed reminding! -- that Jerry Goldsmith was not just a fine composer. He was a brilliant one, always serving the movie but at the same time creating music that could live apart from its celluloid origins. There was no one else quite like him. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES is now available on iTunes and will soon be available from other digital outlets. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES will also be released on compact disc as a limited edition release of 1500 units and will be available from our website and other retailers beginning June 19, 2012. 1. JUDGE DREDD: Trailer (0:55) (arr. John Beal) 2. SEVEN DAYS IN MAY: Complete Score Suite (11:29) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Drums: Kurt Walther) FILM NOIR SUITE 3. CHINATOWN: End Credits (2:01) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) 4. THE DETECTIVE: The Dark Song (3:02) (Solo Piano performed by Mark Northam) 5. SHAMUS: Main Title (3:38) (Arr. Dominik Hauser) 6. TWO DAYS IN THE VALLEY: Unused Main Theme (2:26) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) THRILLERS 7. THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER: Main Theme (3:44) (arr. Chaz Grossman) 8. SEBASTIAN: Comes The Night (2:38) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) 9. THE VANISHING: No Coffee (End Credits) (3:07) (arr. Dominik Hauser • John Rosenberg, Piano) 10. THE SUM OF ALL FEARS:If We Could Remember (3:29) (arr. Dominik Hauser) LOST LOVE 11. A PATCH OF BLUE: Main Theme (4:57) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) 12. THE SAND PEBBLES: And We Were Lovers (3:07) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Cello, Peggy Baldwin) 13. PLAYERS: Meant To Be (Love Theme) (3:27) (Solo Piano performed byMark Northam) 14. PAPILLON: Free As The Wind (2:12) (arr. Dominik Hauser) THE WAY WEST 15. TOCCATA FOR SOLO GUITAR (2:50) (arr. Gregg Nestor) 16. RIO LOBO: Main Title (2:47) (arr. Gregg Nestor) 17. RIO CONCHOS: Main Title (2:35) (arr. Chuck Cirino) 18. HOLLISTER-BROTHERHOOD OF THE GUN: Main Theme (1:58) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) FLIGHTS OF FANTASY 19. WARLOCK: The Sentence (3:21) (arr. Joohyun Park) 20. PSYCHO 2: Main Theme (3:40) (arr. Joohyun Park) 21. THE OMEN: The Piper Dreams (2:54) (arr. Dominik Hauser) 22. THE ILLUSTRATED MAN: Main Title (3:07) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Katie Campbell, Vocals) 23. POLTERGEIST: Carol Ann's Theme (3:21) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Katie Campbell, Vocals)
  20. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MOON 44 – ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK - FEATURING MUSIC COMPOSED BY JOEL GOLDSMITH - TO BE RELEASED ON APRIL 10, 2012 http://buysoundtrax....44orsobyjo.htm lSRP: $15.95 LISTEN TO A SOUNDCLIPS FROM the score for MOON 44 http://buysound.webjedi.net/Moon%2044_%20Audio/06%20-%20Drones,%20Drones,%20Drones.mp3 This is a Limited edition of 1500 Units BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the original soundtrack to MOON 44, featuring music composed by Joel Goldsmith (STARGATE franchise, HELEN OF TROY, WITCHBLADE, CALL OF DUTY 3) for the 1990 science fiction film directed by Roland Emmerich (STARGATE, INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE PATRIOT) and starring Michael Paré (STREETS OF FIRE, EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS, THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT), Malcolm McDowell (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, TIME AFTER TIME, BLUE THUNDER), Lisa Eichorn, Dean Devlin, Brian Thompson, Stephen Geoffreys, Leon Rippy and Roscoe Lee Browne. MOON 44 takes place in 2038. Multinational companies have taken control of the universe, constantly fighting each other for control of distant planets where their robots mine the priceless minerals which are now the only source of fuel back on Earth. The Galactic Mining Corporation is locked in a bitter conflict with a rival corporation, Pyrite, who have begun supplying pirates to attack GMC mining facilities across the Outer Zone of the universe. Moon 44 is one of their most lucrative mining operations and is projected to be the next target of the pirates. The GMC is tipped off that Moon 44’s mining shuttles are being hijacked and their shipments diverted. Their response is to send Felix Stone (Michael Paré), an Internal Affairs investigator, to look into the matter. When he arrives on the old rundown mining station, he discovers that his old girlfriend, Terry (Lisa Eichorn) is also working there. Terry is coordinating an experimental helicopter defense program with the questionable cooperation of the station's commanding officer, Major Lee (Malcolm McDowell) and his brutal sergeant, Sykes (Leon Rippy). Stone goes undercover to conduct his investigation as part of a group of Company prisoners who have been sent to Moon 44 to participate in Terry's program as pilots. The prisoners, led by Jake (Brian Thompson), Moose (John March) and Scooter (Jochen Nickel), have volunteered for the program to shorten their sentences. The reason for Terry’s defense program is the external atmosphere on Moon 44, which is horrendous. Hurricane force winds constantly race through rain-swept canyons, across a foggy surface mostly devoid of daylight, making conventional flying impossible. The prisoners, unaware that most of the pilots who volunteered before them are dead or maimed, are introduced to their co-pilots, a group of station-bound navigators. For the program to succeed, the pilots must work together with the navigators to overcome the flight problems that come with the harsh weather on the surface. Of course, the prisoners and the brainy young navigators clash instantly. Convinced that the ongoing theft of the station's mining shuttles is an inside job, Stone sets a trap to try and uncover the identity of the collaborator and Staff Sergeant Sykes walks right into it. In the ensuing struggle, Major Lee intervenes to save Stone's life. His subsequent behavior, though, convinces Stone that Lee is the one ultimately responsible. Believing he has enough information to close his case, Stone is about to return to GMC Headquarters to file his report when the mining station is suddenly attacked. Unaware that Major Lee has been given orders to launch all the mining shuttles and save Moon 44’s precious cargo if the station is attacked, Stone finds himself fighting a war on two fronts. The station must be defended against Pyrite’s drone fighters and Stone must somehow stop Lee from launching all the mining shuttles or everyone will be trapped on the station. The score for MOON 44 was composed by Joel Goldsmith and was his first major orchestral score for a film, foreshadowing his later work on science fiction projects such as STARGATE SG-1, STARGATE: ATLANTIS and STARGATE UNIVERSE. The score was performed by the Graunke Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Christopher L. Stone, with orchestrations by Stone and Jack Smalley. Originally released on compact disc by Silva Screen Records at the time of the film’s release in 1990 and long out of print, BUYSOUNDTRAX Records now brings MOON 44 back to compact disc again, newly remastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland. 1. Main Title/Felix The Cop (3:04) 2. First Training Flight (5:14) 3. So Long, Felix (4:06) 4. Navigator's Hang Up (1:25) 5. Armed And Dangerous No. 1 (3:29) 6. Drones, Drones, Drones (But Not A Drop To Drink) (2:52) 7. Sykes Gets Caught (2:10) 8. Armed And Dangerous No. 2 (4:27) 9. So You Like It Fast (Hard And Rough) (1:47) 10. Jake To The Rescue/Joel's Outlandish Adventure (2:24) 11. Lee Bombs Out (3:00) 12. Welcome To Moon 44 (0:49) 13. Taxi Driver ("You Talkin' To Me?") (2:49) 14. The Cookie Crumbles/Bumpy Taxi Ride/The End Of Moon 44 (6:04) 15. Aftermath (1:13) 16. Heading For Earth (0:59) 17. Terry On The Moon/Finale (1:12) 18. Shut Out (1:33) (Lead Vocal on 'Shut Out' by Heather Forsyth, Backing Vocals by Heather, Sean and Joel) Total Time: 49:21
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