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  1. Folks, Jim Bowers who runs the Caped Wonder.com website on the history of the Christopher Reeve Superman Films has just done a podcast with Jay Towers on the release of Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary Remastered 3CD set. Jim Bowers is also a project consultant on this new set and was also involved in the 2008 FSM Set. Check it out for some unique insight (specifically on the new Fortress of Solitude cue as well as another unreleased snippet on this set) As well as an interesting tease on more Williams upcoming remastered expanded albums. Last but not least yours truly also gets to chime in this podcast. Enjoy! Caped Wonder Superman Podcast Episode Eight: First Generation Fans is here, where Jay and Jim share their excitement about the brand-new remastered Superman-The Movie 3-CD soundtrack from La-La Land Records! https://www.capedwonder.com/?fbclid=IwAR0MR5JxDVhiOxwKuvdkDHu2C93kgqs8t_dEtxinLF6tT0m-m5v0MFA9tmM http://bit.ly/CapedWonder8 https://capedwonder.com/CapedWonder_podcasts/CW_SUPERMAN_PODCAST_EP8_FEB_19_2019.mp3 Also on Episode #8, Jay and Jim feature an excerpt from Super Fan Amer Zahid’s spoken word about his love for the various Superman-The Movie soundtrack releases over the past 40 years and his excitement for this most recent release from La-La Land Records.Download Amer’s entire audio here: Download Link: https://www.capedwonder.com/CapedWonder_podcasts/CW_Amer_Superman_Podcast_Ep8.mp3
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