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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/kiuo/ Product Specifications Lost in Space: The Complete John Williams Collection - Exclusive Vinyl Box Set Officially-licensed Lost in Space merchandise A ThinkGeek exclusive from our friends at Spacelab9 2 hours and 36 minutes of music from the classic show Discs are shades of purple, blue, green, and orange to match the aesthetic of the show Sleeves feature photos from the show and notes about the episodes featured TRACK LISTINGDisc 1 - The Reluctant Stowaway [Total Time: 39:04]SIDE A:1. Main Title Theme (Season One and Two) 2. Smith’s Entrance (2:28)3. Judo Chop (1:43)4. On the Pad (0:46)5. The Good Doctor (1:13)6. Preparations (1:12)7. Final Countdown (4:07)8. Escape Velocity / Robot Control (3:35)9. Meteor Storm (3:11)10. Defrosting / Log Book (2:04)SIDE B:11. Weightless Waltz (3:23)12. Bumper (Season One and Two)* 13. Robot Play-on / Doctor & Boy (2:17)14. The Monster Rebels (3:30)15. Message for President (0:53)16. A Walk in Space / To Be Continued (6:47)Bonus Track:17. End Title Theme (Season One and Two) Disc 2 - Island in the Sky [Total Time: 39:02]SIDE C:18. Strange Planet / Suiting Up (2:49)19. John’s Descent / John’s Fall (2:44)20. Rescue Orbit / Helmet it / Group Play-On (2:27)21. Stranglehold (3:12)22. The Landing (3:14)23. Lil Will and the Robot (1:31)24. Search for John (4:14)SIDE D: 25. Monkey’s Doo (4:54)26. Operation Rescue / Personal Chauffeur (1:40)27. Tractor Play-On / Electric Sagebrush (1:05)28. Watch & Learn / Keeping House (2:54)29. The Bad Doctor / Will is Threatened (1:58)Bonus Tracks: + Library Cues from The Reluctant Stowaway **30. Smith’s Entrance (2:48)31. Meteor Storm (2:40)32. End Title Theme (Alternate Version) (Season One and Two) Disc 3 - The Hungry Sea [Total Time: 38:35]SIDE E:33. The Earthquake (2:46)34. Chariot Titles (1:07)35. Temperature Dropping / Nature’s Display / Fahrenheit A Go-Go (2:19)36. The Chariot Continues (1:12)37. Boring Company (2:13)38. I, Messenger (1:41)39. Don’s Ray (0:22)40. Space Bridge / John’s Temper (2:33)41. Warming Rays / Sun Storm (3:02)42. Morning After (3:14)SIDE F:43. The Inland Sea (2:17)44. Land Ho / Kids Play-Off / Space Play-On (2:38)45. Strange Visitor (1:14)46. Home Sweet Home (1:24)Bonus Tracks:+ Library Cues from The Reluctant Stowaway and The Hungry Sea **47. Earthquake (3:03)48. Strange Visitor (To Be Continued) (0:50)49. The Monster Rebels (3:42)50. To Be Continued (3:07)Disc 4 - My Friend, Mr. Nobody [Total Time: 39:33]SIDE G: 51. Wonderland Discovery (3:00)52. Hair Style Book (0:28)53. Penny’s Friend (2:04)54. Diamonds / Smith and Penny / Diamond Play-Off (1:51)55. Penny’s Cave (2:00)56. To the Cave (1:07)57. Gathering Wild Flowers (2:27)58. Moving Rocks / Mother and Daughter (2:09)59. Penny’s Problem (4:15)SIDE H:60. Storm Coming Up (1:33)61. A New Galaxy (2:29)Bonus Tracks: + Library Cues from the Reluctant Stowaway **62. Final Countdown (4:45)63. Escape Velocity/Robot Control (3:35)64. Defrosting (2:05)65. Weightless Waltz (3:36)66. Season Three Main Title Theme 67. Season Three Bumper 68. Season Three End Title Theme * Composed by Richard LaSalle** Composed by John Williams and Conducted by Lionel Newman
  2. I just chanced upon this piece of news when browsing Music On Vinyl site. Memoirs of a Geisha is to be released on LP on the 21st of March 2016.
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